Perch Fishing: Learn The Facts That Can Help You Catch The Trophies

The yellow perch is a fish that is prevalent in quite a few different areas. Some areas that have yellow perch in lakes and rivers are Canada, the Great Lakes region, and even through Pennsylvania to South Carolina.

These sought after fish are also seen in other states such as Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, and Utah. It is important to learn about the habitat and habits of yellow perch in order to know the best ways to catch this type of fish.

Yellow perch are found in the above mentioned states in the many lakes and rivers that pervade those regions. These fish tend to eat during the day and maintain an active lifestyle, so to speak. Yellow perch are quieter at night, making it easier for day anglers to catch this type of species. The yellow perch is part of the Percidae family of fish and is related to the walleye and sauger.

As for yellow perch spawning habits, these fish tend to spawn overnight in 50 degree water temperature. They produce quite a few eggs and are said to spawn between 4,000 and 40,000 eggs. The spawning period for yellow perch occurs in the spring.

As far as unusual features go, yellow perch have a unique defense mechanism to protect themselves against predators. When the Yellow Perch is threatened, it will raise its spiny fins to deal damage to the predator and protect itself. The sharp fins usually do the trick regarding warding off enemies.

For those who like to fish for yellow perch, there are a few tips that can help you get the best catch. First, since yellow perch are most active during the day, it is advisable for anglers to fish during the day to increase their chances of catching one. Another tip relates to the bait and lures to use to catch yellow perch. Since yellow perch are caught quite easily due to their fondness for a wide range of items, almost any type of artificial bait or lure can be used to fish for yellow perch.

Yellow perch are a wonderful catch for anglers of all skill levels. If one is looking to fish during the day and lives in one of the many areas above, the chances of catching a yellow perch are more than likely.

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