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Minimize the pain of check recovery

January 29, 2023

$350 million in bad checks are written every week. That fact alone makes bounced checks a serious problem for American businesses. It’s almost inevitable that if your business accepts checks, you’ve been affected by this. In addition to having to pay bank fees for depositing a bad check, and the very real possibility that the…

A decaying republic ruled by Obama or by law?

January 28, 2023

If you were an American law enforcement officer, say a city police officer, sworn to uphold the US Constitution and your state Constitution and to enforce your state’s penal code, and you knew that you would You are hatching a conspiracy to rob a bank in your city, are you preparing to arrest the perpetrators…

Wrongful Death Lawyers and Lawsuits

January 27, 2023

Wrongful death laws in Illinois typically arise when family members bring a case against someone who caused the death of their loved one through negligence or misconduct. Common causes of wrongful death lawsuits are medical malpractice, auto accidents, product liability, and nursing home abuse. If you file a wrongful death lawsuit in DuPage County, your…

How Copyright Laws Fail Us When We Need Them Most

January 26, 2023

I used to worry that other people would steal my work. I do a lot of different kinds of things, so there’s a lot to steal. In 35 years of being in business, I have produced many exceptional photos, illustrations, graphic design, advertisements, websites, print collateral, logos, music, and writing, to name just a few….

Dynasty trusts are good for the economy and democracy

January 25, 2023

A well-designed and well-managed Dynasty Trust is an engine of economic growth and stability, protects its beneficiaries from the whims and tyrannies of corporate and government managers, and allows the freedom of critical thinking and honest conduct that is the essence of a republic. . Living trusts can take many forms, but a common feature…

Employment Discrimination Claims – What the Employee Must Prove to Win

January 24, 2023

When employees are mistreated and suspicious, they may want to sue due to discrimination. To win, the plaintiff bears the burden of proving that he or she was a member of a protected class, that the employer’s action was serious and discriminatory, and that there was no legitimate, nondiscriminatory explanation for the employer’s behavior. Here…

7 Things to Know About Florida’s Private Whistleblower Law

January 23, 2023

The Florida Private Sector Whistleblower Law, Florida Statutes ยงยง448.101-448.105, prohibits employers from taking adverse employment action against an employee because the employee objected or refused to participate in any activity, policy, or practice of the employer, which constitutes a violation of a law, rule or regulation. 1. Covered persons: An “employer” under the Florida Private…

Criminal law and its scope for the defense of a country

January 22, 2023

Criminal law includes the rules and regulations related to crime. It includes all jurisdictions that are imposed by the government because it may be detrimental to the well-being of ordinary people. People who commit such crimes are punished with capital punishment, physical or corporal punishment or imprisonment. All these policies and prohibitions are carried out…

Planning Your Year: A Guide To Which Calendar Will Work For You

January 19, 2023

You have big plans for this year. This is going to be your best year yet, and you need to stay organized. Have you considered what schedule will work for you and not against you this coming year? You have options, you know. Before evaluating your options, keep three thoughts in mind. First, how do…

Rhode Island Divorce: A Prepaid Legal Insurance Plan Could Help You In Your Divorce!

January 18, 2023

It is surprising that most Americans have not heard of preventive legal plans. I’m not sure if other lawyers are keeping them under wraps because they think they might lose business or what the story might be. However, I know that for legal situations they are the best savings and protection people can get for…