Innovative Ways to Arrange Flowers For a Dinner Party

Arrange Flowers For a Dinner Party

Flowers are one of the most important components to a successful dinner party. Not only do they add ambiance, but they also can help set the mood of the evening by creating a more inviting environment for your guests. Rather than using a big floral centerpiece, which can overtake the space and block your guests, opt for a series of small arrangements that can be placed on individual place settings, along with a couple of larger ones as focal points.

With a little creativity and a few innovative ways to arrafloral arrangements near me for a dinner party, you can add the perfect finishing touch to any event. To get started, consider these five tips from a flower arranger: Before starting to build your arrangement it is helpful to know what type of flower you are working with and what the season is. This way you can select colors that are at their peak, and avoid ones that may be fading or have gone over the hill. For example, tulips and ranunculus are popular spring options, dahlias, peonies and hydrangeas are great summer options, while mums and chrysanthemums work well in fall.

When selecting your flowers, make sure they are fresh and in good condition. If you notice any petals falling off or stems turning mushy, they may need to be replaced. Once you have your flower selections, it is also helpful to plan a color scheme. This will guide you when purchasing the flowers at your local florist or farmers market. A monochromatic scheme works well, as does a complementary color scheme, which can highlight different hues and shades of the same flower.

Innovative Ways to Arrange Flowers For a Dinner Party

If you’re planning on a wildflower-inspired arrangement, it’s always a good idea to include a few greenery elements for support and texture. Fern fronds, ivy leaves and eucalyptus are all easy go-to greenery choices. Similarly, mixing in a few nonfloral elements can also add visual interest and a sense of nature to the piece. Stalks of wheat, green hypericum berries or fig branches are all great options that will complement your floral design.

A good trick to make your flowers last longer is to use the criss-cross tape method when arranging them in your vase or vessel. By placing horizontal and vertical strips of clear floral tape across the opening of the container, it creates a grid that helps support your stems and keeps them from flopping around. This is especially helpful for pave-style arrangements or asymmetrical designs.

Another great option for your table are baskets, says Moss. They’re great for displaying small arrangements and are a lovely way to welcome your guests when they arrive. Baskets are especially useful if you’re using flowers that require a bit of support, such as taller stems or top-heavy flowers like lilacs and tulips.

If you’re preparing to host a Flower Bar for your dinner party, have a large worktable(s) covered in cloth and be ready with your flowers and greens. Also be sure to have extra snips and a couple of cloth dish towels on hand for drips. Finally, don’t forget to have a light and simple playlist going to set the mood for your guests as they prepare their beautiful flora.

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