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On resistance and cats: how much do you resist change?

January 21, 2022

I had to take my geriatric cat to the vet. He doesn’t like being there and I was surprised to be unusually docile when the attendant weighed him and took his temperature. He remained reasonably affable during the long wait for the vet. However, when he entered the room, everything changed. The 15-year-old feline, who…

Siberian Husky – canine movie star

January 20, 2022

All types of Siberian Husky dogs have one thing in common: they can trace their ancestry back to the sled dogs of the Northern Hemisphere. These early sled dogs were also called “Huskies”. Other descendants of the ancient Eskimo dogs are the Siberian Husky, the Samoyed, and the Alaskan Malamute. All of these modern sled…

Cat repellent or how to keep cats out of your garden

January 19, 2022

Do cat repellents work? How to prevent a cat from using the garden as a litter box? Tell me how to keep cats out of my garden. These are common questions that concern all gardeners, but is there a real answer? The first line of defense is to make sure your yard boundaries are secure….

Havanese Breeder – Is Yours Real?

January 18, 2022

Havanese puppies are among the most desirable of all toy breed dogs. These playful little pups are considered to be some of the most loving and loyal dogs on the planet; and are highly sought after by competitors across the country. This has led to an uprising of rogue Bullmastiff breeders who want to capitalize…

Dog rescues: 4 barriers to their use

January 16, 2022

A dog rescue is a place for homeless and displaced dogs. Typically, a group of volunteers, often associated with a dog club, provides a place for dogs who don’t have a home. Sometimes these dogs are found by the kennel and sent to the rescue. Other times, the owner has to relinquish the dog because…

Puma – What’s in a name?

January 15, 2022

I used to hate the term “Cougar” for all the obvious reasons. First, he conjured up images of Mrs. Robinson in a girdle and garters, smoke billowing around her alcoholic head as she seduced a vulnerable (but willing) Benjamin. Fast-forward to leopard-clad women over 40 showing too much cleavage, sporting 4-inch stilettos, hanging out in…

Are your dog’s nails too long? Find out if they are and what to do about it

January 12, 2022

Can you hear your dog’s toenails clicking on the ground as he walks? If not, your dog’s nails are the right length for his health and longevity. Keep up with whatever activities keep them worn out. If the answer is yes, and you can hear them clicking on the bare floor, then your dog’s nails…

Pug – Facts You Should Know Before Adopting Pug

January 11, 2022

Description of the breed The Pug belongs to the group of mastiffs and toy dogs that is the only breed in this group that likes children. Often described as a bunch of dogs in a small space, they weigh around 13-20 pounds and stand 12-14 inches tall at the shoulder. Coat The Pug is a…

Dog breeds

January 10, 2022

Selecting the best breed of dog for your family members or for yourself is a very important decision. A couple of the aspects that a person should take into account before making a final decision: 1. What exactly is the reason for buying a dog? 2. In case you have small children, should you catch…

There is no such thing as a puppy cut

January 9, 2022

“I’d like a puppy cut, please,” says Bella’s mom, who owns an adorable Maltese. Quick: look at the shrunken shape along the hairdressers face as they think, “What does that mean?” There is no “standard term” in the grooming industry for a puppy cut. Every hairdresser interprets it differently and this is where the confusion…