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Are Cold Storage Wallets Safe?

September 9, 2022

Cold Storage Wallets Safe The cold storage method of storing digital currency is not as safe as hot wallets. Because the wallets connect to the internet, they are susceptible to hacking. A skilled hacker can discover an attack vector on virtually any machine connected to the internet. Hackers can drain an account within minutes. In…

5 Best Secure Crypto Exchanges of July 2022

July 23, 2022

Secure Crypto Exchanges of July 2022 The best way to find the most secure Crypto Exchanges of July 2022 is to look for features that will protect your funds from hackers and other threats. These features should include private insurance, offline cold storage, and bug bounty programs. Additionally, you should look for 24 hour customer…

How a Crypto PR Agency Can Help Your Blockchain Startup

June 6, 2022

How a Crypto PR Agency A good crypto PR service will offer several benefits to your company, including increased SEO visibility and a strong domain authority. It should also offer editorial and customer support, as well as fast turnaround times. Its network will include several different media outlets and an appropriate aggregator. These will help…

Best Crypto Press Release Services To Buy Online

June 4, 2022

Press Release Services To Buy Online If you’re interested in promoting your cryptocurrency, you’ll want to purchase one of the best press release services online. While some services are more affordable than others, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a service that offers the best coverage. For instance, PR Newswire doesn’t offer crypto-specific…

Can You Buy Crypto With Fiat on Binance?

May 28, 2022

Buy Crypto With Fiat on Binance The answer to the question “Can you buy crypto with fiat on Binance?” is yes. The Binance fiat gateway works like an arcade coin machine, where you trade fiat currency for crypto. With this, you can participate in the crypto ecosystem without a traditional bank account. To make it…

How to Submit a Press Release for Your Blockchain

May 19, 2022

Press Release for Your Blockchain If you are a blockchain startup, submitting a press release is an important part of your marketing strategy. It is easy to write a press release for your blockchain, but if you don’t follow certain guidelines, you could end up with a poor-quality press release. While press releases are intended…

What Are Decentralized OTC Crypto Exchanges?

April 11, 2022

Decentralized OTC Crypto Exchanges Over-the-counter (OTC) crypto exchanges are booming with the growing popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These services act as market makers, quoting prices for users. They also trade in non-standard derivatives, such as stocks and bonds. Over-the-counter exchanges have higher volumes than traditional exchanges, which makes them perfect for well-performing cryptocurrencies….

Best Crypto Press Release Distribution Services & Agencies

March 14, 2022

Best Crypto Press Release When you’re looking for a press release distribution service for cryptocurrency or blockchain technology, you should consider one that’s able to handle the complexities of the space. While a few services specialize in the industry, the best ones can offer a complete mix of traditional and digital media coverage. They have…

What is OTC in Crypto?

March 4, 2022

OTC in Crypto In the world of cryptocurrency, what is OTC? OTC stands for over-the-counter. It is a form of trading that is discreet and is most commonly used for large amounts of cryptocurrency. Unlike exchanges, which are open to the public and allow for bidding and asking prices, OTCs do not publish trading data….

What Are the Different Types of Press Releases?

February 28, 2022

Different Types of Press Releases There are a few different kinds of press releases. For example, a press release is usually an announcement of a new product or service. It should include product specs, pricing, availability, and other details valuable to consumers. An organizational change, such as a merger, also warrants a media release. The…