Can I find your beef jerky subscription in different marinades?

Can I find your beef jerky subscription in different marinades?

A Jerky Subscription Box is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the delicious taste of beef jerky. The jerky is made with premium ingredients and the flavors are both classic and bold.

The subscriptions come with flexible subscription choices and a curated assortment of different artisan brands. Subscribers can customize their subscriptions with a downloadable card.


Whether you enjoy classic teriyaki, spicy jalapeno, or other unique flavor combinations, you can hone your jerky recipe with a few simple ingredients. To prepare jerky, mix your marinade ingredients in a large bowl, toss thinly sliced beef slices with the marinade, and let the meat soak for a minimum of 8 hours (up to 24 is better) in the refrigerator.

Make sure to choose a lean cut of meat to reduce the fat content. Excessive fat does not dehydrate well and can accelerate spoilage. The diet of the cattle can also have a significant impact on the overall flavor and texture of the jerky, with grass-fed beef generally having more robust flavors.

You can add a variety of flavors to your jerky by using different seasonings and adding sweeteners. Soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and teriyaki provide umami base flavors, while garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, paprika, and liquid smoke offer additional depth. Unseasoned meat tenderizer (with bromelain) is also an excellent way to help break down the proteins and make the jerky more flavorful and tender.


The best beef jerky subscription offer a wide variety of flavors and styles that elevate your snacking experience. Many of these handcrafted creations are prepared by small-town artisanal producers who put their hearts into perfecting their craft. They often use premium ingredients to create jerky that’s full of flavor and exciting textures.

To make the best jerky, you’ll need to start with high-quality, lean cuts of meat. A well-trimmed eye of round roast is ideal. Before cutting, place the meat in the freezer for about an hour to loosen up the fat and make it easier to cut. A marinade made from soy sauce, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, and smoked paprika is also essential.

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees F. Line 2-3 large rimmed baking sheets with foil and set up baking racks. Drain and discard the marinade. Place the beef slices in a single layer on the baking racks and bake until dry and leathery, 3 to 4 hours.


In order to get the most tender beef jerky possible, it’s important to start with a good marinade. Using one that contains meat tenderizers like papain (found in papaya) or bromelain (found in pineapples) will help break down the muscle fibers before placing it in the oven.

This is a crucial step for preserving the integrity of your finished product and also extending its shelf life. Once the meat has been dehydrated, it can be packaged in plastic food storage bags or vacuum-sealed for long-term storage.

Jerky subscriptions are a great way to keep your pantry, fridge, glove boxes, and pockets full of delicious snacking options without having to make near-constant trips to the grocery store. This can save you time, money and energy while reducing the amount of waste created by purchasing too much at a single time. Plus, it’s a convenient way to get a variety of handcrafted flavors that you may not be able to find in stores.


If you want to store your jerky longer, the best way to do it is in a resealable plastic bag. The bag is portable enough to store in a backpack, glove box, or kitchen drawer, and it’s sturdy enough to deter pests while keeping the jerky fresh. This method also works well for those who don’t have mason jars or vacuum sealers handy.

The resealable plastic bag also helps prevent moisture buildup, which can cause mold or bacterial growth. To extend the shelf life of your jerky even more, it’s good to keep it away from direct sunlight, as this can accelerate oxidation.

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, consider giving a monthly beef jerky subscription to someone on your list. It’s the perfect way to introduce them to new and exciting flavors while ensuring they have plenty of delicious snacks to enjoy for months to come! You can also include a personalized gift note for free when checking out.

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