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2010, a great year to be generous: avoid the increase in the gift tax

July 23, 2023

It is commonly said that there are only two certain things in life: death and taxes. 2011 seems to be the exception. We’re nearing the end of 2010 and we still don’t know how dividends and capital gains will be taxed or what the wealth tax rate will be in 2011. This makes it difficult…

Things to know about buying a home

July 22, 2023

How interesting! You’re about to get so deep in debt that it could take you 30 years to get out of it, kidding (more or less). You’ve probably heard that real estate is a great investment. And it totally is! But, in some cases, buying a home can be a nightmare in disguise. You never…

“No conflict of interest” is an overused canard in real estate representation.

July 21, 2023

Commercial real estate consists of many types of real estate and a variety of agency types. But when representing a renter or buyer, that exclusive agency in which the client has secured himself and expects to receive absolute good faith, loyalty, fidelity and confidentiality is only as strong as his weakest link; and that link…

Tech Tips for the Busy Real Estate Agent

July 19, 2023

There is no denying the fact that technology has continually shaped everything we know now. Aside from affecting consumerism, a massive impact is continually being felt in real estate. Nowadays, real estate agencies are more and more visible online. The Internet has become a huge factor in advancing its influence even when goals and objectives…

What factors determine the profitability and liquidity of banks?

July 18, 2023

• INTRODUCTION: A commercial bank is a business entity that deals with banking with a view to making a profit. Every commercial bank aims to make a profit in such a way that it does not compromise its liquidity objective, which is vital for its own safety and security. • Meaning: Since a commercial bank…

Chennai Real Estate

July 16, 2023

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is located on the Coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal. Serving a large population, Chennai enjoys the status of the fourth largest metropolitan city in India. It is becoming more famous due to the great emergence of IT companies that have given a new meaning to Chennai commercial…

Steel detailers, structural engineers, and building contractors prefer steel to concrete

July 15, 2023

Structural steel is the choice of large building structural engineers, steel detailers and concrete contractors for the construction of large buildings around the world. Because of its strength, durability, and the flexibility it offers designers, steel promises to continue to be favored by the construction industry well into the future. Structural steel comes from iron…

Real Estate Development – More Than A Design

July 14, 2023

Understanding market trends is key when developing any type of real estate. Forecasting the needs and expectations of potential clients and finding the right property are variables that development and investment companies must take into account. Pivotal’s twenty-five years of experience have enabled them to gain the knowledge and relationships necessary to complete these tasks….

New book for parents teaches adults balance and encourages children’s independence

July 13, 2023

Don’t be fooled by the title of this book. Although Stephanie Woo is the mother of twins, hence her title, Raising Your Twins, this book applies to raising any child, whether one or many. Her real-life parenting tips, as well as advice on maintaining your relationship with your spouse (your husband even chimes in with…

Change Management Implementation

July 11, 2023

Change is indeed fundamental in life. The reality of complexity and vagueness in the environment (external or internal) is that organizations and individuals are constantly under pressure to change in one way or another. The change can be fast or slow, perceptible and imperceptible, minor or substantive. Vecchio (2006) in a tone of finality affirmed…