UFC 95 – Sanchez Vs Stevenson Review

– From London, England. Original air date: 02/21/09

Fun Fact: While the United States got this show for FREE on Spike TV, the folks across the pond at Jollie Olde Englande had to pay the bill for PPV costs.

– Welterweight fight: Paulo Thiago d. Josh Koscheck via KO (uppercut) at 3:29 in round 1. I feel bad for Koz because of the poor save and it didn’t take long for the crowd to boo her either. The referee was not wrong to stop the fight per se, but Josh wasn’t out, and he landed in a straight guard position, although admittedly those were incredible shots, but Koscheck wouldn’t die from an extra hit or two if he was. out of. They are supposed to protect the fighters, not their mom.

– Middleweight fight: Demian Maia d. Chael Sonnen by submission (choke triangulation) at 2:37 of round 1. However, the outcome was predictable with Sonnen only being the former BodogFIGHT standout and Maia being a BJJ superman, Maia is still an impressive mockery and I hope to see more of him.

– Middleweight fight: Nate Marquardt d. Wilson Gouveia by TKO (knee and punches) at 3:10 in round 3. Did they really have the balls to collect money for this card? Seriously? Although he said that, Marquardt landed an impressive KO with his flying knee. Shit, that was great. Gouvier was bleeding profusely after that and that was a very good quality win for Nate there.

– Welterweight fight: Dan Hardy d. Rory Markham via KO (punch) at 1:09 of round 1. Rory Markham is a former Quad City Silverback, a Miletich Fighting Systems protégé, and probably the best type of IFL the UFC could pick up when the organization withdrew. . Anyway, although there were plenty of options for ‘KO Of The Night’, I personally would have gone for Hardy’s punch to Markham’s jaw. That was CLEAN. And do the British ever lose any of the fights in England? I’m not saying there is anything shady about it, but … yeah, actually that’s exactly what I’m saying.

– Lightweight fight: Diego Sánchez d. Joe Stevenson by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28). Round three saw Diego being cautious to avoid making a mistake, but DAMN, the first two rounds were fun. Lots of love for Stevenson, the guy doesn’t give up and kept me worrying until the end of the fight, he could throw the big final blow.

Fun fact: This was Sánchez’s first outing at 155.

– Final Thoughts: Solid show, but there wasn’t much name value at this event. The only fight I really got into was in the main event. Oh, and the girls in the ring were starving. I wonder if any of them got naked like Rachelle …

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