Tips for keeping your business premises safe

In this economic climate, you are more likely to be concerned about the financial security of your business than the physical security of your facilities and staff.

There are many reasons why, when it comes to cutting corners, you shouldn’t start with the security of your business. Even if you sell a service and not a product, chances are you still have something on your premises worth stealing. These are just a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on enterprise security.

o Prevention of theft

The most obvious reason to invest in decent security is to prevent theft. You don’t need a complex network of state-of-the-art cameras and infrared sensors to keep your business secure. Something as simple as a good security door is a start. A decorative door with a lock for the weekends may look nice, but it’s not secure. A decent security door will often be a good deterrent, giving the impression that all of your premises will have a similar level of security.

or insurance

Another reason to invest in decent security would be to lower your insurance premiums. The more security you have, the less likely you are to get mugged, so your insurance is likely to be cheaper. You may argue that the cost of new or improved security will be more than you’ll save on your insurance, but if you were robbed, how long would it take? Talking to the police, talking to the insurance company, filling out forms, arranging for the replacement of any stolen products before it affects your customers, are these things you can put a financial price on?

or Security

We’ve looked at protecting your assets, but what about your staff? Can you put a price on your security? The comprehensive security system or security gate not only keeps your inventory safe; it also keeps your staff safe.

or Technology

Gone are the days when an intercom was nothing more than two glorified cups linked by a piece of string or a security gate that needed a security guard to open it manually. These days there is security for all budgets and business needs. GSM intercoms, for example, have eliminated the need for cables and means you can answer your intercom and open your automatic door from almost anywhere in the world.

Remember, you can turn your business into Fort Knox, but you also have to keep it safe from the inside, when hiring new staff, always check them out first by following up on their references. When receiving deliveries, don’t leave unknown drivers unattended and never give codes and passwords for your security to anyone who doesn’t need them.

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