The secret to lose 9 pounds in a month

To lose weight successfully it is necessary to rely on the natural disposition of each person, each different natural disposition will have a different method of weight loss. You can apply some effective methods like the following:

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If you plan to lose weight by fasting, it is absolutely not recommended to do it all the time. Because scientific weight loss is the method you have to provide your body with enough essential nutrients. For healthy weight loss, you need to calculate the amount of calories and nutrients for the body to lose weight in a safe and healthy way by calculating the percentage of body fat to know how much fat needs to be burned.

scientific diet

With a person who wants to lose weight then eating problems are very important, because eating is one of the causes of obesity. Therefore, to reduce weight and ensure health, you need to plan your own diet.
– Do not eat after 6pm. This will be difficult for some people, but it is very good if you want to lose weight.
– Adequate diet, without fasting; if you choose the fasting method, it only makes the situation worse, because when hungry, by survival instinct, the human being will always think about eating and eating more, gaining weight faster.
– Choose smart foods, no matter how much you eat, the important thing is what you eat, with people who want to lose weight, foods with high fiber content are the best option, green vegetables, fruits are your companion during the slimming process.
– Do not skip breakfast and do not eat after 8 at night.
– Say no to fried foods and fast foods such as soft drinks, cakes, snacks,…

Maintain the principle of movement.

– Movement is an immutable principle in the weight loss process, exercise anywhere and anytime, wake up in the morning with light exercises, do housework, climb stairs,… to burn energy.
– Choose your favorite sports like swimming, jumping rope, jogging, aerobics, walking,…
– Walk continuously one hour a day: You don’t need to walk fast, just walk normally. Walking outdoors is the best.

8 glasses of water each day

Many people underestimate the water weight loss method, but this method is easy to implement and highly effective, because drinking water not only helps lose weight but also helps purify the skin, water helps fill the stomach and control hunger.
You should drink water immediately after waking up and drink water throughout the day.


Being strict with yourself is the best way to lose weight effectively, at the beginning of the process you must establish the weight loss plan, which clearly establishes the purpose and the number of pounds that you need to lose, the daily tasks that you need to do , specific times, adequate meals,… and force yourself to put it into practice seriously.

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