New iPhone 6s: the number 1 choice

Ever since the new iPhone 6s was launched, it is the first choice of many business people all over the world. The reason is simple. iPhone 6s gives you everything you need to reinvent the way you run your business. Its unmatched features keep you productive anytime, anywhere. The large number of business users of the iPhone 6s is due to some attractive features that it has with a great mix of fast performance, strong security, and productivity-boosting software. Another very important reason why the iPhone 6s is selling like hot cakes is a pressure-sensitive screen that opens up some really useful new functionality. You will not find this feature in any other smartphone on the market. Let’s see how these features have helped improve the productivity of business people around the world.


On the surface, the new iPhone doesn’t look much different from the old model, but it’s actually gotten stronger in the meantime. In iPhone 6s, more durable aluminum is used for the back of the device, and the front panel is made of a stronger glass panel. So if you accidentally drop your phone, there is less chance of it breaking and that’s a big plus if you depend on your smartphone for work.

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High-end businesspeople or seniors appreciate the screen’s relatively large dimensions, which is useful for providing plenty of space for viewing important emails and editing official documents. It has a 4.7-inch screen with sharp text and vibrant colors. Another notable feature of the iPhone 6s is that it is really bright at 452 nits of brightness, while the average brightness of other good smartphones is 430 nits. Such a bright display is easier to view outdoors or in direct sunlight.


Business people love iPhone 6s 3D Touch because it allows the user to do different things with a bunch of new gestures (pressure-sensitive gestures) depending on the context. This feature saves time and effort and makes iPhone very sophisticated. For example, if you want to check your emails, tap the mail app once and open your inbox. Then, hard-pressing an email message in your inbox allows you to preview it. You can also swipe right to delete it, swipe left to mark it as read, or swipe up to reply.


Apple’s new A9 processor has made the iPhone 6s one of the fastest smartphones in the world. This new iPhone processor outperforms all rivals, including the Samsung Galaxy S6. When the iPhone 6s was tested for speed to open a 1.6 GB PDF file, it took just 82 milliseconds, while the Galaxy S6, by comparison, took 127 milliseconds.


The new iPhone 6s has iOS 9, a new iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system, which offers many features to help you be more productive. Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant has also been updated and now this app works better than before. Not only is it capable of understanding commands, but it is also more proactive with alerts and reminders. Whether it’s your date or an important business meeting, Siri is there to remind you. It will also help you estimate travel time based on traffic conditions so you can leave for a meeting at the right time. The keyboard is also improved. It keeps track of features you use often, like copy and paste, and makes it easy to access them next time.


Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor is very useful for business people. They don’t have to enter a password every time they turn on their phones. The scanner identifies the owner’s fingerprint and instantly unlocks the phone. It won’t work if it doesn’t identify the owner, so keep personal and corporate information safe. The sensor is located on the home button.


Video conferencing is a means of staying up-to-date and connected with long-distance clients and colleagues. It is very important for online meetings with clients abroad. Its front camera is 5 megapixels, which captures clear images with richer and more accurate colors, especially in low light situations such as in an office.

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