Health benefits of using a microsphere pillow

Compared to other types of pillows, bead pillows offer the best health benefits for their users. These pillows outperform down and memory foam pillows in terms of comfort and hypoallergenic properties. Because they naturally do not absorb water or moisture, these pillows inhibit the growth of dust mites, bacteria, and fungi. Anyone who suffers from mild to severe allergies would be better off with these pillows.

However, it’s not just the hypoallergenic properties that make these pillows the best choice for anyone concerned about their health. The microspheres also offer incredible head and neck support. Like memory foam, the many microspheres in these pillows help to conform to the shape of a person’s head and sleeping position. Unlike memory foam, however, these pillows have the ability to constantly morph and change with the sleeper to accommodate each and every sleeping position. Most people don’t stay in one position when they sleep, and neither should a pillow. These pillows are softer and offer more cushioning than other pillows, keeping a person’s neck perfectly straight with the rest of their body. People with neck and back problems have often reported a significant improvement in their conditions. These pillows have also been offered in hospitals more recently to help with comfort for those who have recently undergone surgeries.

Pressure control is also key to sleep comfort, and microbead pillows offer the best environment for this as well. With millions of tiny polystyrene microspheres, a perfectly evenly soft sleeping surface is created where no pressure points quiver, meaning the user never wakes up stiff or sore with red wrinkles on their face. The millions of microspheres not only help with pressure problems, but also create a light massage effect on the user’s head and neck. Also, unlike down pillows, bead pillows help with heat retention issues. Feather pillows often tend to absorb heat from the sleeper, which can lead to discomfort. Microbead pillows offer clean, even airflow throughout the pillow so heat can dissipate faster, allowing the user a much cooler and more pleasant sleeping experience.

Due to their incredible comfort, massaging effects and soft, delicate touch, microbead pillows are also excellent for people who suffer from insomnia. With the multitude of health and comfort benefits, more people than ever are choosing the relaxing sensation of microbead pillows.

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