Affiliate Marketing Rocks!

The economy is in the toilet and someone is going to push the handle down at any moment…or so I’m told…but I’m not worried.

I am an affiliate marketer and I have to tell you that affiliate marketing really does ROCK and it is ROCK SOLID. I was watching what my friend calls “the 6 o’clock horror show” (The National News) the other night. The newscaster talked over and over about the price of gas and how it was hurting working men and women everywhere. I don’t need gas to get to and from work.

Look… ROCA affiliate marketing!

This same newscaster moved on to even more somber economic news on how the US dollar is so weak against other currencies in the world. That doesn’t affect my business either. I work online. My clients live all over the world. My customers get bargains when they buy from me online! Business is good.

Affiliate Marketing ROCKS!

I am not claiming that my affiliate marketing business is completely immune to tough economic times. There is nowhere to hide when the economy is bad, but my affiliate marketing business is affected much less than companies struggling to survive in today’s world.

I believe that more and more people will open their own affiliate marketing businesses online in the very near future. The Internet leveled the playing field. We, the little ones, are on the same Internet as the big ones. We have access to the same customer base as the giant multinationals.

Some might even say we have an advantage. Our overhead is only slightly above zero and we are able to develop real relationships with our clients. Our clients are not nameless numbers to us like they are to giant corporations and people like to be treated like valued customers. As an affiliate marketer, I know that building trust and ongoing relationships with my customers is the key to my success.

I love what I do. Affiliate Marketing ROCKS!

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