How to get rid of vaginal odor in a matter of hours? You won’t have to deal with that fishy smell again.

Vaginal odor is a common problem faced by several women. Many women do not realize the reason for vaginal odor. Improper hygiene is the main cause of vaginal infections, as well as bad odor. Vaginal odor is so strong at times that it can embarrass you when out in public. Attending work or family functions will also be difficult with vaginal odor. So if you are visiting this site hoping to find some vaginal odor relief, you are in the right place.

Here are 4 secrets to get rid of this problem in a matter of hours.

Most of the women use talcum powder to get rid of the bad smell. However, talcum powder can make the situation worse. The best substitute for talcum powder is cornstarch. Cornstarch can help you get rid of odor instantly if it is the result of yeast infections.

Use a sweat pad if you sweat a lot. You can place these thin pads in your panties. They absorb all the sweat leaving your vagina odour-free. You can also change your panties twice a day so that your vagina is odor-free.

It is important to keep the vagina clean. Be sure to wash it with soap and running water after intercourse and also during the menstrual cycle. A high level of hygiene must be maintained, especially during periods to avoid any kind of odour.

Cotton panties are best for keeping the vagina free of moisture. Wet panties or too much moisture act as a breeding ground for bacteria. Cotton panties allow the vagina to breathe in some fresh air, thereby eliminating the chances of vaginal odor.

Just like your face, you should take the same steps to keep your vagina clean and healthy. Wash it well not only before and after intercourse, but also in the opposite case. Avoid scented products as they only deprive you of the ideal ph level. Get in the habit of changing tampons and pads frequently and stay away from fish like vaginal odor.

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