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Getting Started With the CISSP Exam Online

You can now take your CISSP Exam online within the traditional straight exam format next Tuesday. This marks the first time that this has been possible. The exam consists of 250 multiple-choice questions and has a duration of six hours, including a one-hour technical inspection break. The exam is available in both English and only for U.S-based candidates.

The new procedure of passing the certification CISSP Exam Online brings about welcome opportunities not only for Canadian citizens but for international students studying to become eligible for the U.S. examination. The benefit to students is the ability to get the necessary experience quickly and without having to invest a lot of time studying. Many will find that the short time frame, together with the confidence that they will pass, is a motivating factor to stay focused and make good study time each day. The practical test, which is usually conducted during the final week of the study, is also a great way of getting the feel for the exam.

The two practice exams that you can take advantage of are those provided by the National Computer Security Consultant (N CISSP) and the Information Systems Examination Board (ISEEB). Both of these offer a practice exam based on the actual exam content as well as answering questions about the specific information security procedures that will be found on the standard CISSP Exam online. There are no cheat sheets or hints in these practice exams, the focus is on being able to understand the test materials and answering questions correctly to gain a passing score.

Register for CISSP Online Examination

If you plan to take the exam, you may wonder if you need any specialized training to prepare for it. There is no such requirement as to obtain CISSP certification. However, having a basic knowledge of computer processes and terminology, along with an understanding of how network security works, can certainly help to ensure your success on the exam. When taking your practice exam, you should look out for questions that ask you to demonstrate your knowledge of relevant information technology policies and procedures in order to gain a passing score.

There is no limit on the number of question and answer sessions that you can undertake before your certification exam. You are allowed to complete the study work at any time. The only real down side to taking the CISSP online is that you will not have the opportunity to interact with an instructor. This could prove a hindrance if you are not particularly confident with your answers or do not understand the text written on the test pages. This can also work against you if you are unfamiliar with the examination format or do not understand how the test works.

When taking your test, you will need to answer question bank questions in order to gain a passing score. The types of questions included in the question bank are designed to simulate real-world situations that might be faced by an authorized leader in an IT department. The information in the question bank is shared between the instructor and the students on the website. When looking for a CISSP certification practice exam, make sure that it includes a question bank that simulates real-life scenarios.

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