ELIYA Linen – Hotel Grade Bed


ELIYA Hotel Linen Co., Ltd. is a textiles company based in Panyu District, Guangzhou. Its products are ISO9001 certified. It has served many customers throughout the years, including independent properties, exclusive clubs, and international hotel chains. Eliya has a long history of providing quality linen products to the hotel industry. Its highly efficient manufacturing process allows for the highest level of customer service.

Showing your visitors that you esteem their solace and the nature of their rest goes far towards building great connections and making clients forever. Each and every individual who stays at your lodging will actually want to feel the nature of your cloth. Most will comprehend that you’ve put cash and exertion into tracking down the most ideal sheets. This will assist with supporting the nature of visitors’ general insight and guarantee they have a positive impression of your inn.

To guarantee the nature of your sheets is pretty much as high as could be expected, it’s vital to utilize a provider with a demonstrated history and skill in the business. On the off chance that you can trust your cloth provider to give you the best quality sheets you can bear, you can be certain that your visitors will have an extraordinary evenings’ rest without fail.

ELIYA Linen – Hotel Grade Bed

Without a doubt the most well-known sort of bed cloth material, cotton is a famous decision for B&Bs and five-star inns the same. Cotton is sturdy, breathable, simple to really focus on, simple to launder and offers extraordinary incentive for cash as well as being staggeringly dependable Mercerised cotton is an inexorably famous decision for hoteliers as it gives the texture a glossy and enlightening appearance demonstrating it to be an incredible extravagance bed cloth choice. Mercerising the cotton includes a cycle wherein sodium hydroxide is applied to the cotton strands. This treatment makes the texture more grounded, builds its protection from buildup and makes it simpler to color importance sheets are observably more splendid for longer.

This 100 percent cotton silk stripe duvet cover, from the Vision V scope of extravagance cloth, offers a smooth and sleek feel and is one of Vision’s hits. This mercerised cotton duvet cover has a perfect shine, expanded strength and a perfection which is inclined toward by a scope of shop and top of the line inns.

Mercerised cotton doesn’t recoil however much as un-mercerised cotton thus the treatment seems to be ideal for convenience suppliers who need to go through a more thorough washing process than those at home. For instance, the 300 string count 100 percent cotton sateen duvet cover, from the Vision V reach, has an unquestionably strong feel that has been intended to endure and give solace to a more drawn out period and the sateen development gives a sheen suggestive of glossy silk, bringing about a milder resting experience.

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