Dish Network Digital Video Recorder

Dish Network is the number one provider of digital satellite television services in the nation, bringing customers the best in digital satellite television, including the widest range of channels, more than 250, the most advanced home theater equipment, and excellent special offers for new and existing subscribers. Serving 12 million viewers, Dishnetwork Satellite TV represents the perfect combination of customer service, great prices and packages, and high-quality products. Thanks to dishnetwork’s forward-thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, there’s always something new in the works for TV fans.

Now TV lovers have another reason to choose Dish Network Satellite TV as their digital satellite TV provider: the Dish Player-DVR 625, Dishnetwork’s incredible digital video recorder. The Dish Player-DVR 625 provides customers with all the capabilities they are looking for in a recorder. This excellent system has all the standard benefits of a DVR. Dish Player-DVR 625 owners can record 100 hours of great Dish Network digital satellite TV, capturing the crystal-clear audio and video quality that makes satellite TV so great. Viewers have control over live television. They can pause and rewind live shows and watch their favorite scenes in slow motion. And, of course, you can skip the commercials.

The Dish Player-DVR 625 has great capabilities. It is a dual tuner receiver that can record

Dolby Digital audio and accommodates two televisions. The Dish Player-DVR 625 also

it has an extensive program guide, parental restriction controls that allow moms and dads to block inappropriate channels, and interactive features that allow Dishnetwork TV subscribers to take care of their accounts using the TV. There is also a tuner to pick up regional and HD channels.

But this Dishnetwork digital video recorder stands above other digital video recorders. Viewers can watch different shows on two different TVs simultaneously. They can record two shows simultaneously or record one show while watching another. With the Dish Player-DVR 625, TV fans can search for their favorite celebrities and shows and make lists of their most frequently watched shows. The Dish Player-DVR 625 comes with two remote controls for use with two different televisions. The remote controls can be configured to work with three other components, such as a VCR or DVD player, and feature a dedicated Dish button for a quick transition to Dishnetwork interactive TV. Viewers can order Pay-Per-View shows using their remote controls and get previews of Dish Network’s great satellite TV programming. The Dish Player-DVR 625 has many inputs, including capabilities for two satellite tuners, a UHF Pro antenna, and a phone jack, as well as inputs for

cable components, video and audio.

Dish Player-DVR 625 software updates are done via satellite, automatically,

keep subscribers up to date with the latest technology, hassle free. Start now. Ask for more information on Dishnetwork digital satellite TV, the Dish Player-DVR 625 and other great deals.

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