Color temperature and its effect on our mood

Many experts have researched that the color of lighting can affect your mood. We have also experienced this ourselves. We know how our mood is on a sunny day and how different it becomes on a rainy day. The color of light also plays an important role in your current task. Choosing the right color is just as important as the paint in your room. These lighting colors are classified based on temperature. The color temperature of a light source is measured in Kelvin and is determined when it is illuminated. It is basically the luminous appearance provided by light measured on a scale of 1,000 to 10,000. If there is a lower temperature in Kelvin, it means that the LED lamp emits more yellow light. The order is as follows: yellow, white and then blue and so on. Based on the following details, you can learn how to choose the best light for your residential area.

It is amazing to know how colors influence our mind and emotions. There is much more to know about color temperatures:

• 2700K-3000K
Under this range, light colors are generally warm white and soft white. This range of light colors is suitable for relaxing a bit. Our mood tends to be cozy at this temperature of light. If you want to welcome someone then it is also the right color for more pleasure. The best use of this color range can be made in living rooms and dining rooms.

• 3500K-4100K
This is the following temperature range for light colors. The colors categorized in this range are cool white, neutral white and bright white. Use the lighting products in this range in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors, respectively. This helps to create a clean, direct mood and to keep you in a balanced state for a while.

• 5000-6550K
This is the following color temperature range. Colors in this range appear natural like daylight. This type of color helps create a vibrant, refreshing and energetic mood. This range is best for reading, utility areas and under cabinet lighting. Feel the warmth of these colors and enjoy your usual utilities.

Many studies show that LED light tubes and the color of other lights can even affect our circadian rhythms. According to light therapy studies, the color red has the least impact on our brain activity. The most influential colors for our mind and emotions are white and blue light. They significantly affect the brain responses that control our sleep patterns and mood.

In order to induce certain emotions with lighting colors and alter mood, you need to feel the effects of the colors on you. Try the color red when you feel bored or a little low and see the change for yourself. Green is the best color to relieve anxiety. Experience the changes in your mood with different lighting colors in your work space, home and find a perfect balanced environment that feels good to you.

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