4 benefits of podcasting

If you’re considering podcasting, but haven’t made your final decision yet, you may be trying to find good reasons to get started. There are actually a lot of great reasons to do them, from helping advance your business to earning residual money from the podcasts themselves.

Podcasts are very popular as more and more people start listening to them. The audience is out there – and waiting for YOU and the information that you and only you can provide! Before you give up on the idea, consider some of these reasons for podcasting.

1. It can give you a break from blog content writing

First, if you have a website or blog where you have a lot of written content, you may want to take a break. Having content on your site is a great way to sell products and advertise services. Having good content can also help you communicate with your group of readers.

But creating new content can lead to burnout at a certain point.

If your hands hurt from keyboard aches and pains and you’re running out of creative ways to write a compelling blog post, consider speaking into a microphone instead! Many people find it much easier to get information and express their point of view when speaking, rather than writing. You’re saving money with podcasts, by not having to pay someone else to write for you (if you’re hiring this aspect of your marketing), and you’re finding an easier way to communicate information to your audience, all at the same time.

2. Works for people who are camera shy.

Another good reason to start a podcast is that you don’t need to be in front of the camera. Some people do video podcasts (including me), but you can make an audio-only podcast and no one will think “bad” of you.

You may want to add multimedia content to your website, but you are not really comfortable sitting in front of a camera. You can still talk about the same topics in a podcast, and all you need is a microphone and recording software.

If you think about some of the videos you’ve seen where someone is sitting in front of their camera and talking, and they aren’t actually saying anything interesting to you, you are well aware that those videos aren’t actually teaching you anything. So instead of making a video like that, just make audio! Even if you plan on making videos in the future, starting with podcasts is a good way to get used to the idea of ​​speaking instead of writing!

3. Podcasts are easy to consume

Another important benefit of recording a podcast is the ability to find a large audience. People enjoy listening to podcasts because of the information provided to them and they are quick and easy to consume.

People can listen to your podcast from anywhere in the world, as long as they have a listening device. Listening is easy too, whether you’re at work or taking a walk (with headphones on while listening), or listening at home while cleaning and doing other chores. I usually garden on the weekends while listening to podcasts on my headphones while I work.

Being easily accessible, this will help your audience grow and make your podcast more successful. This also increases the chances that they will share the podcast with their friends and family on social media, which also increases your podcast!

Four. You can use your podcasts for advertising purposes

Don’t forget that podcasts are not only used to discuss various topics with your audience, but they can also help you earn money. You’ve heard some podcasts that use pre-roll advertising (or mid-roll or post-roll ads).

When an advertiser approaches you and asks you to mention their business name in the podcast, you are ready to increase your publicity on your podcast!

Some podcasts use affiliate marketing when publishing the podcast, along with relevant links to other products.

There are many ways to make money from a podcast. All of them will help to drive more traffic to your website or blog. And, if you sell products or services on or through your website or blog (and the podcast itself), you can create another source of income for your family!

Everything from your comfortable living room! (Or dressing room; or converted room; or your car or “wherever it is”).

5. conclusion

If you’re considering whether podcasting is worth your time, you just need to ask yourself two questions:

1. Do you have a message to share?

2. Do you want to share it?

If you answer “yes” to both questions, try podcasting! There is a whole world of people looking for the content YOU want to share with them!

When you finally decide to start podcasting, it will benefit them as well as you! And you may be able to start a completely different career!

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