Stand out naturally as a small business owner

I work with many small business owners just like you. Many of you share a common problem: the belief that the only way to succeed is to follow the corporate model and “hide” your true self from customers. That you need to adopt a sterile, professional persona, and reserve your true self just for gaming.

Nothing could be further from the truth for small businesses.

To succeed on your own terms, it’s vital that you forget everything you’ve learned in the business arena about how to present yourself as a business owner. Success is not one size fits all. It comes in as many different sizes as there are small business owners. Decide for yourself what success means to you and move towards it. Create a version that fits your own lifestyle values, dreams, and hopes.

Potential clients are more likely to work with you when they feel like you’re being natural. Product and price will take second place to authenticity. Today more than ever, clients want to work with real people—people they can know, like, and trust.

Try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Can’t tell right away when the business owner you’re considering working with seems contrived? Don’t want to escape without signing on the dotted line?

Find true small business success by being yourself, standing out as the natural star you already are. Your bright light will attract clients who want to work with someone like you!

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