New NW-HTS35 Monocular Thermal Imager Night Vision Riflescope

Night Vision Riflescope

The New NW-HTS35 Monocular Thermal Imager Night Vision Riflescope is a perfect choice for hunters who seek an edge during day and night expeditions. With its superior range and performance, this innovative device is also ideal for outdoor adventurers who embark on forest explorations and search and rescue missions. Moreover, it can be used by law enforcement and military personnel as well as airport security teams, nature lovers, and cultural relics preservationists.

A premium 3-in-1 device, the Dual combines the functions of a thermal monocular, laser rangefinder and a high-definition camera into one compact package. Its dual field-of-view technology allows you to switch between a wide FOV for detection and a narrower FOV for targeting without having to refocus or manually adjust.

Featuring 9 color modes (white heat, black heat, brown, iron red, rainbow), adjustable brightness and gain, the New NW-HTS35 Monocular Thermal Imager Night Vision Riflescope offers outstanding visibility in any environment. Furthermore, its infrared lens uses aspheric technology to reduce weight and improve optical performance. It is also coated with infrared anti-reflection and waterproof films for added durability. Other notable features include a 1024×768 ultra-high-resolution OLED eyepiece system, 50Hz real-time imaging, and 1-8x continuous zoom for increased detection distance and coverage. Plus, its lightning-fast boot up and run time make it an indispensable hunting companion.

New NW-HTS35 Monocular Thermal Imager Night Vision Riflescope

The New NW-HTS35 Monocular Thermal Imager Night Vision Riflescope represents the pinnacle of advanced optics technology, combining the power of thermal imaging with the precision of a riflescope for unparalleled performance in low-light and nighttime conditions. Engineered for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and tactical professionals, this cutting-edge device provides clear, high-resolution imagery that enhances situational awareness and target acquisition in any environment.

Equipped with state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology, the NW-HTS35 Monocular delivers crisp, detailed images even in complete darkness or adverse weather conditions. Its thermal sensor detects minute differences in temperature, allowing users to spot targets, wildlife, or threats with exceptional clarity and accuracy, regardless of the surrounding environment.

With a powerful magnification range and adjustable focus, this riflescope provides versatile viewing capabilities, enabling users to zoom in on distant targets or scan large areas with ease. Whether tracking game in the wilderness or conducting surveillance in urban environments, the NW-HTS35 Monocular offers unmatched performance and reliability.

Designed for rugged outdoor use, this thermal imager night vision riflescope features a durable construction that withstands harsh conditions and rough handling. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry and maneuver, while its ergonomic controls ensure intuitive operation, even in challenging situations.

The NW-HTS35 Monocular is also equipped with advanced features such as image capture and video recording, allowing users to document their observations and share them with others. Additionally, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity enables seamless integration with smartphones and tablets, providing remote viewing and control capabilities for enhanced versatility and convenience.

Whether used for hunting, surveillance, or search and rescue operations, the New NW-HTS35 Monocular Thermal Imager Night Vision Riflescope sets a new standard for performance and reliability in low-light and nighttime environments. With its cutting-edge technology, rugged design, and intuitive controls, it empowers users to see more, do more, and achieve their objectives with confidence.

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