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How To Overcome The Challenges Of Internet Website Marketing

If you are new to internet website marketing, this information will be invaluable to you and your future in the world of online marketing.

Never before have people had so much information available to learn how to market their business or website online. At the same time, we have never been so inundated with so many useless programs, tools, or money-traps that promise to be the answer to our prayers about how the complex world of Internet marketing really works. You know, how it all fits together. How can we really leverage the knowledge of what we should be doing instead of the next most important thing taking up our time and money. Two resources we can never have enough of.

After almost two years online, my experience is that I have accumulated a great deal of knowledge about different types of online marketing. I learned pay-per-click at a high level for affiliate marketing, I learned free and paid methods of marketing CPA offers and I also learned a very valuable lesson that I would like to share with you and this is it.

If you want to build an internet business that has purpose, staying power, longevity, and the ability to get high organic (free) search engine rankings, you needed to learn how to create a website and/or blog that you continually add content to so that it has value in the eyes of anyone who comes across it. I needed real estate on the Internet. That was a $10,000 lesson for me, so my hope is to save you that money.

Let me give you the clearest example I can. While learning affiliate marketing, the focus was always on what search engines would or would not allow in pay-per-click marketing. As a result, everyone always seemed to be trying to “game” the system. I didn’t want to mess with a system! I wanted to learn how to build a long-term internet strategy that I could build on for years to come, and I realized that blogs and websites were the key. Why it took so long to get there, I have no idea.

At the time, I understood pay-per-click marketing, but now how to learn legitimate website and blog building and optimization strategies and if you’re just starting out… you know how much information there is on these topics. Where to start? Who to trust? What was the best? How did it all work together? These were the questions I had and I’m sure you might too.

I found internet website marketing to be tricky not because the topics are hard to understand, but because there seems to be no central source or course that teaches them the AZ way. From building a website to hosting, building a list, optimizing and promoting keywords… there is a process that I now know, but it was very difficult to find.

Ideally, I was looking for an internet website marketing course that said: step 1 do this, step 2 do this, step 3 do this and had videos showing me how to do it. Was I asking too much? As a college graduate and a pretty bright guy, I felt like I had to be in the majority, not the minority. Mind you, I’m a heavy user of computers and software, but I’m not a techie. Once I learn something, I understand it. I am probably a lot like you reading this article.

The two biggest challenges I had to overcome while trying to learn internet website marketing was being persistent working towards my goals every day knowing that this is a marathon, not a race. That is essential in this business. The second was to find an educational product like the one I described above. Ultimately I found a program that showed me everything I needed to know and more about this business and even though I wasn’t a marketing newbie, it was an ideal course for a newbie or intermediate marketer and takes you from AZ and beyond with everything you need to be successful. The patience really paid off for me and it can finally do it for you.


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