The best beaches in Jamaica

When it comes to planning the perfect holiday that includes sun, surf and getting away from the cold and wet UK weather, consider going to Jamaica! Accommodation in luxury hotels around the island can help you explore the best beaches on this beautiful Caribbean island.

Located just south of Cuba, Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean. First occupied by the Spanish, then by the English, in 1962 it gained full independence by leaving the Federation of the British West Indies. When you’re planning a Jamaican vacation, luxury hotel options tend to focus on the more well-known stretches of beaches, but they can also be found in hidden locations, which can provide a secluded getaway. Depending on the type of beach vacation you prefer, there is one (and more!) for you on this beautiful island. For starters, you might consider visiting Doctor’s Cave Beach, Boston Bay Beach, or Seven Mile Beach.

doctor’s cave beach

Doctor’s Cave Beach is located on the north shore, in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Luxury hotel accommodation abounds in the area and will give you access to this beautiful beach, which is one of the most famous on the island. With a 200 meter stretch of almost pure white sand and sparkling blue waters, it’s no wonder this is the place to ‘see and be seen’. With all the amenities at your fingertips and plenty of activities to partake in, this is one beach not to be missed. While the small entrance fee to get to the beach may put some people off, it helps keep the crowds down and keep it a quiet place, even in high season.

boston bay beach

There are few places in the world with bluer waters than Boston Bay Beach. If you’re into surfing, you should definitely head here to take a look. The famous turquoise color of the water is truly spectacular. As the birthplace of jerk foods and flavors, Boston Bay is an ideal place to sample a variety of traditional and absolutely delicious snacks and foods. Jerk shacks (up to a hundred) line the region’s roads and many people end up spending more time sampling the food than in the water.

seven mile beach

On the west coast of the island, in the Negril region, Seven Mile Beach is one of the longest (and most popular) in Jamaica. The luxury hotel options available nearby will give you unlimited access to the (almost) seven-mile stretch of white sand and stunning blue waters. One of the real draws to the beach is that it is famous for its fun-loving, liberal vibe. You can sunbathe topless if you wish, shop for almost anything, hit the nearby bars and restaurants or get a great variety of local foods, all at your fingertips. Seven Mile Beach has been voted the best in the world multiple times, and the reasons are no secret.

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