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Obsessions about breasts and body image: 7 tips to go from obsessions to health

From booby trap to treasured chest

1. Why chest? Because right now?

At the same time, during the 1940s, when large female breasts were ‘discovered’ as the most efficient vehicle for promoting merchandise, advertising agencies began using the image of large female breasts to sell everything from pasta from teeth to automobiles.
The wishes of women, who perceived that their breasts were too small, came true with the invention of breast implants.

Now, with advances in science, medicine, technology, and art, the era of breast augmentation is here to stay. Millions of women volunteer to change the size and shape of their breasts in hopes of feeling more sexy, attractive, or even just ‘normal’, the new normal that is.

2. Shame: The new emotion of our generation

Never before has the emotion ‘shame’ been self-inflicted on an entire generation of women.
Ask a healthy cheerleader, mother of three, or postmenopausal grandmother: which part of your body ‘costs’ the most energy, fantasy, pain, pride, pleasure, and shame? Well, the breasts will often be the first option, while the nose and hair will be the second and third options…

Many women now treat their breasts as foreign objects. Our culture is only too happy to play on your perceptions, frustrations, and hopes.
All past generations, from the beginning of time, also cared about women’s breasts. However, size and shape were not on anyone’s mind.
The true function of the female breast, breastfeeding, was the primary concern of the human family.
Shame about the appearance of the breasts is a cultural invention of the last decades.

3. Big enough breasts on a size zero female body: the new dilemma

According to women’s fashion magazines and the entertainment industry; Zero woman body size with oversized breasts is the new standard of beauty. This standard is wreaking havoc on the body image and health of millions of young women.
However, as you know, the breasts are partially made of fat cells. The logic that follows is that very thin women would not develop large breasts, right?
Well, who needs logic when you can have it all?
The combined forces of obsession with breasts and unhealthy body image have inspired the solution to the dilemma. Now a very skinny body with large breast implants is the latest ‘sexy look’ for women of all ages.

4. ‘Looking sexy’ doesn’t necessarily mean feeling sexy.

Body image is the perceptions/fantasies/desires and sometimes negative feelings that we attach to our living body.
A woman could walk into a department store, buy the latest in fashion, cosmetics, and accessories, and be told by an army of sales associates, friends, and lovers that she looks great, sexy, attractive, etc.
Coming home, removing makeup and clothes: will those feelings last?
In most of the cases that I have interviewed, found and dealt with, the person’s gaze did not convey the message to the body: I ​​feel sexy.
The gap between feeling one’s own powers and identity vs. one’s gaze widens. The reason for the gap is the barrages of messages around us combined with very little knowledge of our own bodies.

5. Adolescents and breast implants; the invisible dangers

Did you hear that the most popular high school graduation gift for girls is breast implants? Well, you’ve heard the wrong information. The car is back as the gift of choice for graduates. And what about breast implants? Don’t worry, they didn’t disappear; They are the must-have gift for the Sweet Sixteen!
The danger here is that the process of sexualizing the young mind begins before the fully developed body signals: I’m ready.
This process is irreversible. No therapist, medication, or treatment can restore your child to his innocence.
Breast implants in a sixteen-year-old girl, or anytime before maturity, are damaging and permanent.

6. Are men obsessed with breasts? They are women?

Men are attracted to women’s bodies and body parts for the survival of our species.
Some men are attracted to a certain female body part more than other parts.
However, in the last couple of decades, women have “taken over” the leadership and fascination with the size and shape of the female breast as their own interests. These days, breasts and other body part obsessions and the industries behind them cater to women’s body image needs.

7. Is there a way out of obsession?

Healing from an obsession is a process that encompasses mental health, strength of character, spirituality, and more.
It will involve your self-awareness: are you aware of the obsessions/worries that interfere with the quality of your life?
Breast obsession and body image issues are now a mental health hazard with many painful consequences. In many cases, the beginning of obsessions can be seen in boys and girls in adolescence.
Yes I said guys. We “teach” children at a very young age how mommy and daddy are fascinated by big breasts… It’s kind of like a code that we are passing down from generation to generation.
Therefore, one of the best ways to deal with the young generation’s skewed perspective on the human body is to treat it as a family issue.
There are powerful results when energy is focused on a positive, healthy vitality instead of the worries of breast obsessions and body image issues.


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