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Criminal justice and its subfields

Criminal justice is the means through which government and social institutions can administer justice to keep crime and criminal minds in check. Criminal justice as a profession is essential to keep justice intact in the homeland and guarantee peace and harmony. There are various challenges faced by the government and various welfare agencies in ensuring peace.

The other subjects related to criminal justice are sociology, psychology, science and communication.

Sociology It is a subject that deals with the study of people and their behavior.

Psychology it is about a person’s way of thinking, which keeps changing depending on their family, society, workplace and community.

Sciences it is the practical and reasoning field that critically analyzes things, people and situations.

Communication It is the medium through which a person expresses their feelings, emotions, needs and desires. The importance of communication is increasing with the highly changing nature of society with the advent of technology.


3 fields in which a person can pursue a future career in criminal justice are:

Compliance with the law

Forensic science

National security

Future job prospects

The various job prospects in criminal justice are:

prison officer

A correctional officer is the one who cares for inmates in prison who are awaiting trial or are serving a sentence. It is a dangerous profession as the prison officer could be injured by inmates and the growth rate in this profession is estimated to be 5% as of 2010.

Courtroom reporter

A reporter reporting on court proceedings has a lot to say in influencing the media and it is very essential that they carry vital information with them to be reported.

Examine the crime scene

The person who investigates, collects evidence, from the crime scene is the crime scene investigator and plays an important role in solving a case. A criminal mind and its next move are well understood by a crime scene examiner. Your observations help solve a case.


A detective is a private investigator or member of the police service who investigates matters of national importance, historical crimes, and those crimes that are not easily solved. A detective helps in the application of the law in a country.


A lawyer is the person who practices law as a solicitor, defender, counselor, lawyer, attorney and helps to administer justice. He is the person who asks his clients. They are there to ensure that no one indulges in unethical or immoral activities. A person who is grieving about something unfair that has been done to him approaches lawyers for legal help.


A paralegal is one who assists lawyers in their profession. Paralegals and paralegals help attorneys maintain files, conduct research, organize documents, etc.

Other careers related to criminal justice include working as a police officer, private investigator, probation officer, to name a few.

Criminal justice is becoming very essential in this fast paced modern life where the number of crime rates is increasing and the need for justice is increasing. The various careers related to criminal justice allow us to understand how these systems guarantee peace, solitude and harmony of people.


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