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Is there a good thing in skunks?

October 5, 2021

Isn’t it strange that while many people find skunks a nuisance and would like to get rid of them, they continue to be a cute skunk to others? Many children would take the opportunity to have their own skunk as a pet. Despite its smell, you may hear children crying “Oh, can I have it?”…

Plunked by Michael Northrop – Youth Baseball, Self-Confidence, and Elementary School Age Challenges

October 4, 2021

Jack Mogens is a sixth grade student at Tall Pines Elementary School. It is in late March that he begins his sixth season playing minor league baseball for the Tall Pines Braves. Jack takes a “hit” to the side of his head while hitting on Opening Day. The punch shakes his confidence to the point…

Causes of premarital sex

October 2, 2021

There is no behavior without reason. We need to examine the reasons why young Christians fall into the sins of fornication. Note that sexual intercourse is divided into three, namely: (a) Premarital sex (fornication) (b) Pure sex (sacred or legal) (c) Extramarital sex (adultery) Premarital sex is what most young people practice before marriage, while…

Leadership Lessons for Uncertain Times: Lessons for Leaders from We Are Marshall

October 1, 2021

The movie We are marshall tells the story of the rebuilding of Marshall University’s football program after a tragic plane crash in 1970 that killed nearly the entire team and coaching staff. The university president came close to suspending the program when he was persuaded by students and the community to rebuild it. Matthew McConaughey…

Crowd-Pleasing Piano Standards: Top 10 Piano Songs of All Time

September 29, 2021

Music is truly an international language that reaches people of all ages and backgrounds. There are certain songs for piano that are sure to please every time they are heard. The following list of the best piano songs of all time includes something for everyone. First on the list is ‘The Entertainer’ composed by Scott…

RIVER EVIL – Jenny Milchman

September 28, 2021

For years there has been a resurgence in the world of mystery / suspense that I call the Norse Invasion Noir. That movement has been spearheaded by fabulous writers like Stieg Larsson, Jo Nesbo, Camilla Lackberg, etc. Meanwhile, in America, there has been a lesser known but just as powerful new subgenre in the mystery…

Check Jump Start Video Card Drivers With These Fixes

September 27, 2021

Video card drivers are crucial components that allow your computer to play video. Since everyone needs to have their video functionality on par these days, it is even more important to keep those video card drivers up to date. Missing or corrupted video card drivers will seriously hamper your ability to play videos on your…

Interview: Matthias Jabs – Scorpions

September 26, 2021

It’s fair to say that no other German band in hard rock / metal history has had the success and global dominance of the Scorpions. Since the release of their first album Lonesome Crow in 1972, the band has been on a mission to shake up the masses, dare I say it, like a hurricane….

Loving my Christmas girl disabled by congenital CMV

September 25, 2021

Waiting for our second child, who would arrive on Christmas Eve 1989, had been a wonderful experience. What a Christmas present! But the moment Elizabeth was born, on December 18, I felt a pang of fear. My immediate thought was: “His head seems so small, so misshapen.” Before I was twelve hours old, I found…

Have Chemicals Caused My Man Boobs?

September 24, 2021

Many modern men now have what used to only occur in pubertal boys or older men: that is, man boobs. Being otherwise at your best, and looking increasingly feminine must be a huge source of shame for a man. It may make you wonder if common chemicals are to blame for the condition. The answer,…