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Blind Side Head Coach Gets His Dream Job

August 27, 2021

Who will forget Sandra Bullock’s constant complaints while training Burt Cotton in the Oscar-winning film The Blind Side? The story of Michael Oher and his journey to the NFL is moving, and now it might be time to start a sequel. Coach Cotton in the movie is actually Coach Hugh Freeze, a Mississippi native who…

Cosmic turning point in 2015

August 26, 2021

On July 21 of each year one cycle closes and another opens. It is the anniversary of the Cosmic Turning Point. This is the kind of new year. And portends more. So much has happened in a very short time that, unless one is in the vice of rigidity, it is worrying. Things that thirty…

Three important women in fashion: minds behind the designs

August 25, 2021

Fashion is known to be an equal opportunity industry. There is no gender discrimination and over the years there have been many brilliant designers, models, stylists and modeling experts, both male and female. Surely, if you were to explore the campus of any fashion college, you would find both male and female students, male and…

Iguana Facts: What a Newbie Should Know

August 24, 2021

If this is your first time caring for an iguana, it is probably best to familiarize yourself with the anatomy and basic behaviors of an iguana. If you educate yourself, it will be easier to know when there is a problem with your new reptile pet. Here are some basic facts about iguanas that you…

Coaching Little League: Setting Expectations for Players and Parents

August 23, 2021

Obviously, as a coach, I can’t play. My job is to put each child in a position to be successful in order for the team to be successful. The following is a brochure that I give to each child and parent at the beginning of each season: Little league is a competitive league. We have…

Is Johnny Depp like Nelson Mandela?

August 22, 2021

Twenty-four-year-old Johnny Depp thought his starring role on the 1987 television series 21 Jump Street wouldn’t last a full season. After a few weeks of playing a young-looking cop who infiltrates high schools to catch drug dealers, the Kentucky-born actor began to feel that the spying he carried out in each episode was immoral. Worse…

How to become a successful dive instructor

August 21, 2021

At the end of the instructor development course, there is an exam – the dreaded PADI Instructor Exam! It is human nature to focus on passing this exam, but it is not the actual test at all! The actual test is the first class you will teach a PADI instructor. This is why choosing the…

The evils of masturbation and some suggestions to remedy them

August 20, 2021

At a recent television symposium on sex-related topics, a young participant posed the question to the moderator: “Sir, some people say that masturbation is not good for your health. Please let me know, sir.” The president stated, “There is no harm associated with masturbation.” With that said, he went on to list some “benefits” of…

Kettlebell Training for Triathletes: A Half Marathon Experiment

August 19, 2021

As any triathlon enthusiast will appreciate, success in competition requires a considerable time commitment. In fact, many participants find that they do not change other important aspects of their lives, such as work and time with family and friends, to dedicate those important hours of training. I myself have slaved up to 14 hours a…

UFC 95 – Sanchez Vs Stevenson Review

August 18, 2021

– From London, England. Original air date: 02/21/09 Fun Fact: While the United States got this show for FREE on Spike TV, the folks across the pond at Jollie Olde Englande had to pay the bill for PPV costs. – Welterweight fight: Paulo Thiago d. Josh Koscheck via KO (uppercut) at 3:29 in round 1….