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What kinds of fabrics are used for standard graduation caps and gowns?

Due to the long history of wearing graduation caps and gowns, dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries during the formation of universities, a governing body now exists to prevent deviations and preserve the long-standing tradition associated with wearing . of academics together. The American Council on Education or ACE is tasked with overseeing that colleges are maintained in accordance with the proper academic dress system. Although there are rules for the patterns, colors, trims, length, and lining of gowns, hoods, and caps, the material that will be used is quite flexible. The choice of fabric depends on the climate of the school location to ensure maximum user comfort.

Schools are free to decide the type of fabric to be used in their graduation caps and gowns as long as uniformity is ensured. The cap, gown and hood must also be of the same material. While high schools are more forgiving, colleges are pretty strict to the point of having dress rehearsals and inspections. Tropical climate schools are encouraged to use lightweight materials, while temperate schools use heavy ones.

Among the best fabric choices used during graduation exercises are cotton poplin, fine cloth, rayon, and silk. Cotton poplin is one of the most common choices as a fabric due to its depth and softness. Also, the material does not wrinkle easily and at the same time makes ironing easier. The fine fabric made of cotton, silk or polyester is a combination of wearing comfort and resistance. Rayon is a semi-synthetic material made from regenerated cellulose fiber with high gloss quality. Silk is the best choice for graduation caps and gowns as it is not only easy to find, but also of good quality.

Schools can also choose between expensive and cheap materials. Rentals provide students with cheap and comfortable caps and gowns made of pure cotton or cotton mixed with polyester or other synthetic materials. Bachelor, Master, and PhD graduates choose to purchase their own graduation ensemble made from expensive fabrics like crosgrain, calico, princetta, and others.


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