The telemarketing prayer

You can be the most experienced and best-trained salesperson in the world and still deliver flat, lifeless presentations, while the newbie next to you could sound inspired and break all sales records using a fraction of your skills. Have you ever wondered why you can descend into a depression while rising defying gravity? Could it be a matter of hope and faith? Are they asking for and receiving help?

I discovered that there is a strange connection between those times when I recited a short prayer in silence and when I achieved the best results with my sales prospects. These are some of the things I have asked for help with.

I hope this telemarketing sentence helps you as much as it did me!

Help me communicate better than ever.

Let me be as refreshing as water.

Let me be enthusiastic, showing my commitment to my product and my company.

Let me open my ears to listen to the client and appreciate their point of view.

Let me be brave enough to lead my potential customer to buy in a strong and convincing way.

Don’t let me suffer from sales remorse.

Help me comfort myself with the fact that most people are reluctant to buy at first, but are glad they bought later. Help me appreciate that sales are the spark plugs of all business activity. Without sales, companies and the people they employ cannot move forward.

Remind me constantly that there is only one person as important as a salesperson and that is a customer. We need each other, and when we serve each other it is because we have seen that our interests are aligned. We improve the lives of others.

Help me to appreciate that the telephone is the best sales medium. Climate, weather, and topography are completely irrelevant. It is always the right time to contact and sell someone (TM).

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