The surefire way to get six pack abs

If you have strong abs, your whole body will look more


Of every person who exercises in your gym, how many have strong abs? Yes

your gym is like mine, probably less than 1 in 100 people have great abs. I

I’d say there are more people who can bench press 315 pounds, then people

who have strong abs. What’s crazy is that these people work hard, but

they are failing to develop the most attractive part of their physique.

Having strong abs isn’t really a muscle thing, it’s more of a body.

Fat problem.

About 7 years ago I was watching the TV show, Survivor. It was the episode

filmed in Australia. The people who stayed on the program had lost a lot of weight.

They were quite hungry and I am not giving this example to say that

people should starve. What I noticed was that each of the contestants in

Survivor had strong abs. You could see his six pack abs in detail, due to

lack of body fat in your midsection. None of these contestants were working

His abs, however, had six pack abs that most gym members would envy.

Spend more time cardio and less time working your abs


We all have six pack abs, they are only covered by body fat in most cases.

people. The best way to burn this fat is to do cardio. Sit-ups and leg raises

It will work your abdominal muscles hard, but it won’t burn an ounce of fat around it

your midsection. I would recommend giving up abdominal exercises altogether and

focus on cardio until you hit a low body fat level that will reveal those

defined abs.

It is very possible to have strong abs without working your abs.


I seriously injured my back about 6 months prior to a trip to Cancun, Mexico. I

I was really bummed, because it hurt a lot to do abdominal exercises. I had to

I leave abdominal exercises completely out of my routine, until my back is healed. I thought that if

I reduced my body fat, so my abs at least wouldn’t look terrible. Make a

Simply put, I did a ton of cardio during those 6 months and my abs were

ultra toned for the holidays. To this day, I don’t do any direct abdominal work and my

Abs are looking better than ever.

Give this six-pack approach a try.

I know a lot of people will hesitate to quit their abs work, because

they don’t want to lose any muscle tone in that area. All I have to say is that

If your body fat percentage is not low enough, no one will see it.

tone anyway. Better to invest your time in cardio, which will eventually reveal

those tight abs.

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