The narcissistic family is a cult

People associate sects with religious groups more than with the family.

A parent with a narcissistic disorder is a self-absorbed, manipulative, and compulsive liar. His despotic and totalitarian personality creates havoc and toxic dynamics in family structures.

Children are the weakest point of the narcissist, since he has absolute power over his limbs. Children do not have the right to feel, they do not have the right to think and be themselves. He is the leader in this game and his children have nothing to do but adore that cult environment.

Children are easily brainwashed into accepting “the rules.” It’s like in the movie “Truman show”. Everything is lies and deception but you are the last person to realize this.

You do not have the right to have your own limits and individuality. There is no you as a person. The truth is, you never had your own life. When you become an adult you feel guilty for forgetting yourself, your dreams and goals.

One day you will be able to find the courage, stand up for yourself and tell the truth. If you do that to the leader, you may be in serious danger of abuse. You have to follow his rules, please the master, and walk on eggshells when he’s not in the mood. Otherwise, he will abuse you and make you a scapegoat. He will manipulate you and blame you for your faults until you are silenced and obey once more.

The most important thing for a narcissistic father is not you as a person, but his perfect image for others. Their pain and their problems are meaningless to them. The cultist family has a very distorted perception of how they want to be seen by others. The truth cannot be revealed because it is so forbidden.

Children are not separate human beings and have no identity. There is no place for individuation. There are no personal likes or dislikes or preferences about what a child wants or doesn’t want to do.

For example: ‘Mom, can we go to the movies to see a new cartoon? No, we will not go there. Yesterday I saw the movie with my friend. “In her mind, she doesn’t want to do this, so her son must feel the same way. This child belongs to her and is an extension of her ego.

There is also no privacy. You have the right to go see all your belongings. There is control, manipulation and isolation. If you return home, you may suspect something that did not do that. Narcissistic parents make you feel guilty for confessing the lie they throw at you.

When the brothers live together, they are divided and are encouraged to conquer the war between them. They often take on the role of the scapegoat and the golden child. Their weaknesses and secrets are shared with other relatives and strangers. Intimate personal information about your life is used against you later.

You may also notice that there are not only abusers but also enablers in that toxic family. They are also called as naive flying monkeys. They close your truth to protect the image. The truth about them is heartbreaking. They are abusers but they pretend that everything is fine and perfect. They aggressively cover up domestic abuse and let children know they are alone with their drama.

There is also a love bombing devaluation abuse cycle. It leads to the bond of trauma. That leads to Stockholm syndrome which leads to cognitive dissonance. It happens for as long as you think they are nice and pleasant.

Trust me, they are not, as it is just a game to break you. It is a very tricky and tricky mind game, so be careful what is happening. When you let your guard down so they come and hurt you. Any disagreement is taken as an attack, since he is not guilty of anything. The whole cycle of abuse begins anew.

It is difficult to break this dangerous and manipulative game. It also distorts the mind of the victim. False negative emotions and beliefs kidnap the victim into a trance state. Lies bog down and despair.

Fortunately, there is a process that helps you eliminate confusion and brain fog. It can help you become aware and lucid once again. Members of the cultist family will never change.

You will never rescue them, but you can take care of yourself and regain freedom for yourself and your soul.

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