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The important role of content in SEO

When one hears “SEO”, it is almost automatic to start thinking about technical issues such as links, website indexing, etc. One crucial element that people tend to overlook but has a huge impact on is content and quality content production that helps SEO.

But what exactly does content have to do with search engine optimization?


Keywords are the most important factor for search engines to notice your page. Given the process of users entering queries when searching online, making sure your content is matched to their queries via the correct keywords is the trick to showing up in potential customers’ results.

Address your audience

Whether you’re targeting local customers or an international audience, you need to include the necessary keywords in your article or blog post as naturally as possible. For example, if you have a baked goods store in Toronto that is looking for a better presence among its local customers, you can’t just randomly drop “bakery in Toronto” within each paragraph.

It’s not just about not looking spammy (and avoiding penalty), it’s also about providing content that audiences will stop and pay attention to. Even if your ultimate goal is to advertise to users, quality should still be the top priority.

Different types of content

Marketers and SEO writers often create different types of content to place the necessary keywords. These are some of the most commonly used types, and each one helps contribute to a level of variety in terms of website content.


Almost all websites are meant to contain a ton of articles. Articles can be about literally anything from informational pieces to articles about an event. In addition, they are usually long and leave a lot of room for elaboration.

Similar to what you’d read in a magazine or newspaper, while not completely formal in tone, they shouldn’t be overly friendly either. Articles often maintain a no-nonsense tone that helps introduce important keywords and even establish an air of authority.

blog posts

Another very popular type of web content is blog posts. These are typically a bigger hit with younger audiences due to the playful tone used, as well as the shorter length of the posts.

If your brand allows it, blog posts can be great for when you want to appear more casual and personal to your audience. They also facilitate the “natural” incorporation of keywords in the text.


Meanwhile, with infographics, you can really start to diversify your content, as images are now involved.

From serious statistics to wacky (but equally educational, of course) comics, infographics allow you to present things like product information to your audience in a way that’s easier to absorb thanks to supporting images and introductory and closing paragraphs. contain the keywords.


Videos are the ultimate in content diversification, moving from having your audience simply watch or read something to creating a more dynamic experience thanks to moving images and even sound.

Videos don’t have to be posted that often, but when they do, they should include a paragraph or two of explanatory/intro/concluding points that you can casually slip keywords into.

Making sure your customer gets something out of it

In addition to giving your customers your pitch, it’s important that you’re also giving them something to take away from your posts.

Remember, these are people and you are asking for their time. Respecting that, providing worthwhile content should be a part of any effective site, as it shows customers that you recognize them as humans and not just cash mills.

Helps you create a domain authority

Domain authority is the main factor in dictating the ranking of a website. You can go for sponsored content (also known as PPC ads) all you want, but all of that is temporary. If you want a good ranking that really sticks, you’ll need to work on your domain authority.


The best way to increase your domain authority is with links back to your site, and those clicks back to your site are made possible by placing your content on popular sites. These inbound links are best achieved with compelling content that is well-written just for your audience and based on their interests.

When your content is engaging and presents accurate information useful to your audience, you’re well on your way to becoming a go-to site for users, and with a better volume of regular traffic with a small bounce rate, your website’s ranking is higher. intended for better visibility.

Content is definitely more than just website filler – it plays a pretty big role in achieving that boost in traffic.

This is why having an SEO services agency with well-coordinated content production and technical teams is key to ensuring that your online campaign is geared toward one goal: building a presence for your site and better brand awareness for your company.


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