The green iguana as a pet: the pros and cons

Find out why the green iguana makes a great pet

Lizards are becoming very popular exotic pets, with the iguana being the most common of these lizards. There are many different types of iguanas, with the green iguana being the most popular. One thing that attracts Green Iguanas buyers is that pet stores sell them at a fairly low price. However, they may not be as easy to care for as you think.

The green iguana is found in Central America, South America, and Mexico. It generally lives in and around trees and plants, and is most active during the day. When getting a green iguana, it is important to know that it can grow up to 5-6 feet in length and can weigh up to 15 pounds, as you will need to take this into account when choosing iguana housing. Also, iguanas are solitary animals and must be kept separate as they could attack each other. When green iguanas are fully grown, they can become aggressive with you at certain times of the year, so watch out for this.

Choosing housing for your Green Iguana can be difficult, as they need a very large space to live, especially when they are adults. When they are young and growing, they will need at least a 20 gallon glass tank. As they age and grow, you will need to find a bigger place. There is a myth that iguanas will only grow as big as their surroundings. This is not true and they will continue to grow regardless of the size of your home.

Iguanas must have UV light in their cage to survive, as this will help keep their skin healthy. The UV light should be kept on for about 12 hours a day. Since they are from hot countries, the iguana’s house must also be at the right temperature. Having the correct temperature helps the green iguana with digestion so that it grows and keeps its immune system healthy. Make sure the tank doesn’t get too hot that it can burn the iguana. Also, the iguana needs moisture, so don’t let the heat dry out the tank.

The green iguana has a strict diet and should only be fed certain foods. They are herbivorous animals in nature, so they live on plants and leaves. You should feed your pet iguana a mixture of vegetables and fruits cut into small pieces, as well as dark green vegetables such as dandelions. Contrary to what some people may think, you do not feed insects like crickets or other foods like mice to iguanas, as this can harm them and cause illness.

Green iguanas can be a very interesting exotic pet to own, as long as you can provide all the necessary needs. This includes making sure you have adequate housing needs and adequate dietary needs. Failure to do so could lead to expensive veterinary bills, so keep this in mind when purchasing your Green Iguana.

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