The Five Highest-Paid Law Specialties

The law operates everywhere. Whether in your home as family law, in your workplace as business law, or within your assets as real estate law, the law is everywhere. Without a doubt, a lawyer is one of the highest paid people in the city. If he doesn’t fight for a trial in the courtroom, he will at least need lawyers to give him legal advice for his situation. Despite the most in-demand Cincinnati foreclosure defense attorneys and Cincinnati OVI attorney, there are other specialties in law that make the most of your career and promise you good salaries once you pass the bar exam. Below are the five most popular law majors among law students.

criminal law

This is the most common type of law major. This branch also includes DUI law, which again is one of the cases that attorneys deal with every day. According to a survey, nearly forty-four percent of all fatal traffic accidents are caused by driving under the influence. Criminal law is about the government prosecution of someone who has committed a crime, as public law says. If an act is not listed as a crime by government statute or common law, then the case is more likely to be considered civil, not criminal. In short, the act that is performed must be approved as a crime.

tax law

This law revolves around legal persons and organizations that want to pay taxes according to their profits and requirements. Tax law rules refer to the Internal Revenue Code, the constitution, and other statutes. All tax disputes are heard in the US Tax Court, which can go as far as the Supreme Court if the matter is serious.

Corporate Law

This branch is another famous specialization. The advantage of corporate law is that it covers subcategories such as maritime law, acquisition, and most commercial law. For business law, proper documentation is an integral part that is emphasized. This branch deals with industry and commerce, as well as tenders and trademarks. As for maritime law, this branch generally deals with ownership disputes over goods and shipments.

divorce law

The divorce rate in the US is fifty percent, for example, nearly half of all couples end up divorcing. This high ratio makes divorce law a very popular specialization. Divorce attorneys deal with two parties who want to separate. This branch of law generally tries to reach a solution for the best settlement of its clients. Especially when there are children in the case, the court makes the decision that is in the best interest of the children.

constitutional law

This branch of law is believed to be the most diverse branch of law. Constitutional law is generally concerned with the proper understanding and application of the United States Constitution. Therefore, this understanding of the law is helpful to both the federal and state governments and helps resolve disputes between them. Therefore, this branch is not limited to just the federal government, but also covers aspects of state governments. Most of these cases are dealt with in the Supreme Court.

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