Speak out against physical abuse

Not well

It’s just not right. This feeling of fear, the shivering, the sweating, the pain and the tears, it just isn’t right. She once again got hit by her husband, this time not just her hands, he levitated up to her broom. The broom made from the leaves of the coconut, the tree we call ‘kalpavruksh’. Has she raised her beating level or in fact has she lowered the level of her husband, or worse yet the medium she is going to be beaten by?

What wrong did she do? Was he even justified in being treated this way? Why is it always the woman who has to go through this treatment. Why is she never taught us to hit back? Why does her mother say it’s okay for husbands to beat their wives? Maybe she’s been hit and maybe her mom too. Why does the tradition have to continue? Shouldn’t it stop right where you feel it’s not right? How many more generations will it take for women to realize that it is not okay to be beaten?

If you are being abused, raise your voice to speak out against it instead of accepting it. It’s not okay to take abuse just lying down. It’s not okay to stay silent. Women have to speak up for themselves and all the women around them in order to have the courage to open up. Every woman should be ready to support anyone she knows who is going through this physical abuse. Every woman should have the courage to talk about her physical abuse without fear of being ridiculed or belittled. Come on girls, enough is enough. We talk about women’s empowerment and women’s freedom, but it’s not just the lower strata of society that are exploited, it’s also the women around you, maybe your own neighbor, your own friend, your own aunt. or even the maid who works in your house or her daughter. or even yourself.

Speak before it’s too late. Talk all you can. Speak before you die with your mouth shut and let this tradition of abuse be passed down to your daughter. Speak because this voice is yours. He speaks for children who need to learn how their mother should be treated. He speaks for the sons who need to learn how to treat their wife and daughter. Speak up because it’s the least we can do. A single voice can bring a revolution. Be the change you want to see.

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