New Kitchens: Plan Ahead for Great Results

One of the most rewarding factors in improving your home is choosing your new kitchen.

Planning is of paramount importance to enable the kitchen area to function safely and effectively. Despite the fact that many people have heard of the ‘work triangle’, which is formed by drawing a line between the fridge, the sink and the kitchen, how many people really understand how important this is to get you up and running? You wouldn’t believe how often this triangle wanders around in a kitchen space. Another important factor is the location of the units. In case you have a very large kitchen environment, you can choose not to use any wall cabinets that are designed to give a very uniform look to the kitchen. Island units are also commonly used, usually with rails above to suspend pans, freeing up cabinet storage.

Undoubtedly, there are all kinds of kitchen cabinet styles to suit all tastes, in all colors as well as natural woods. Oak, maple, beech, pine. Painted, varnished or in its authentic state. The list goes on. Gleaming contemporary kitchens or traditional wooden units. The selection is yours to make. Each can offer your kitchen an alternative look, from the country, homey kitchen to the beautiful modern magazine room of the model home.

Once you have made up your mind on this, proceed to working the tops. First of all, what exactly will they be made of? Would you like to select a budget laminate or just push the boat and buy something considerably more expensive? There are many alternatives that will complement whatever kitchen you ultimately choose. A very strong natural stone, granite often looks very elegant and is available in a variety of colors, some with pieces of shiny copper-colored flecks, many with silver flecks of mother-of-pearl. Plain or marble-like, they all look stunning. Also, you can buy granite that is unpolished and matte in appearance. All really lovely.

An alternative selection, though a bit more expensive, is Corian. A great looking work surface that is streamlined as it molds to your sink and drainboard. Made in almost every color of the rainbow and even easy to clean. Fabulous. Perhaps your preference would be to have wooden countertops. Warm, homely and very good looking. The choice is yours.

If you decide not to have Corian countertops with a molded sink, you’ll be in the market for a new sink. Just like before, there are many options on the market. Stainless steel is consistently popular, as is the classic porcelain butler sink. Black or white polish is usually an option. The only essential for me personally would be the addition of a half sink to drain the leftover tea and coffee in all those cups whenever the sink is full. A waste disposer for waste food is also very convenient.

Appliances are an item that really needs to be thought about carefully. In general, a good start is to check your financial situation and buy the best you can afford, considering energy ratings that could affect your home bills at some point.

Good luck.

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