Maltese Dog Training for Owners

Have you been waiting for the purchase of a small dog? Then the Maltese is the dog you were looking for. Also, cited as the “Ancient Maltese Dog”, the Maltese derive their name from the city where they were first found. These dogs have possessed the reputation of the most privileged dogs for being almost 28 centuries old and therefore they are very much owned mainly by members of the royalties all over the world.

You can estimate the cost of the Maltese with the fact that they were sold for $ 2,000 even in the 16th century. Training a Maltese dog is important as the untrained would be nothing more than a nuisance pet and colt. Therefore, after owning this dog, the next step you should probably look forward to is Maltese training.

Maltese dog owners are generally lucky as this dog responds favorably and quickly to training instructions. The only thing that is supposed to be considered is the consistency of the training procedure.

What is special about Maltese dogs?

Maltese training is a bit different in many ways from the training given to other dogs. Maltese dogs are basically calm by nature and do not prefer to exercise or go for a jog.

Maltese dogs like to socialize with both humans and dogs of other breeds and therefore require company on a regular basis. Companionship is the most essential aspect of Maltese training and ignorance of this aspect can give way to an anxious nature in these dogs.

Last but surely not least; be sure to be tolerant of them. Although Maltese dogs are cheerful, they can also act stubborn when you plan to take them for a walk around the block for exercise.

Fundamentals of Maltese training

While your Maltese puppy is in training, make sure his mother comforts him until he is eight weeks old. With a cute and calm dog, as an owner you must make sure to provide all the benefits that your pet requires. For example, you want to make sure you spend as much time as possible with your puppy and help him socialize with the other dogs until he is 3 months old.

Maltese obedience training

Maltese dogs can be comfortably trained for obedience. Training should begin at 10-14 weeks of age of the puppy. Since Maltese are basically calm and inactive by nature, you can’t expect them to perform a lot of tricks during the training period. Although the up-to-date techniques involved in Maltese training are really effective, they require a certain amount of patience and effort on your part.

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