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Know your sushi

Originally, the word “Sushi” referred to the vinigared rice that was placed under the preserved fish. The vinegar, salt, and sugar from the fish would seep into the rice, which was initially discarded. Nowadays Sushi refers to both the rice and the fish that is used. There are many different types of sushi and here you have them.

Traditional Roll: 2-3 oz. Sushi rice flattened (leaving 1/4-inch space on opposite side for seam) on 1/2 sheet of nori; fill with cucumber and roll; cut into 8 pieces

Reverse Traditional Roll (that’s what I call them): 3-4 oz. Sushi rice flattened on a full sheet of Nori (leaving a 1/4-inch space on the opposite side for the seam; flip the nori and add the desired ingredients; roll in Makisu (bamboo mat); cut into 8 pieces

Hand roll: 1-2 oz sushi rice placed in the middle of a 1/4 sheet of nori (a quarter nori squared); on top of the rice add your veggies or fish then roll up like a cone.

Nagiri Sushi: it is a rice ball with fish on top. 1 oz of rice for sushi; form an oval; in the piece of fish add a little wasabi and then place it, wasabi side down, on top of the rice

Sashimi: fish slices without rice. Just cut the fish into thin slices and place on a small plate. You can top with jalapeƱos, soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, ponzu, yuzu, sriracha, spicy mayo, or greens.

Gunkan: 1 ounce of sushi rice, two fingers wide; wrap the circumference with a strip of nori; Top with greens, uni (sea urchin), or any type of roe.

Unagi (seat belt): 1 ounce of sushi rice, two fingers wide; place fish on top; wrap with a thin strip of nori

Chirashi – Assorted sushi placed or spread over sushi rice in a bowl.

Next time you go out for sushi, impress all your friends with your newfound knowledge.



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