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Is cardboard more absorbent than a garage water mat?

It’s hard to keep up with daily household chores, and we often tend to overlook cleaning tasks that aren’t right under our noses. After a while, the places we’ve been ignoring begin to claim our attention. It’s quite embarrassing when a friend or neighbor points out our carelessness, isn’t it? Perhaps they have our best interests at heart when they point out the damage that has been done to our storage boxes, by the rainwater that has been falling from our cars, over time.

We may not worry about rainwater and think twice about the drops that turn into rivers under our car every time we return from a trip to the store. It is unfortunate that the typical garage is not equipped with a drainage system, but this is often the case. This water must go somewhere, and unless you have a water mat in your garage, where is it going to migrate? That’s right, those cardboard boxes that are found all over the room will act as absorbents.

Storage boxes are cheap and cheerful and made from cardboard, which is readily available. However, this product is very absorbent and is far from ideal if we are storing materials in a humid place. If you don’t have a water mat in your garage to take care of all the rainwater that will invariably come in, your garage will be such a humid place. Those cardboard boxes will act as your absorbent material and ruin everything stored inside.

Maybe it’s time you considered renting one of those air-conditioned, climate-controlled storage facilities in the city center? After all, you can keep all your memories and relics without risk of damage. Of course, this is an ongoing monthly cost. Perhaps it would be better for you to consider purchasing a garage water mat as a much less expensive and better option?

By placing a water mat in the garage to protect this room and all of your belongings throughout the year, you avoid the cost of replacing all the stored materials. They may be out of sight and out of mind, but if you’re storing them there in the first place, they must have value to you. You probably won’t see the damage that rainwater accumulation is doing to them, but it will still be very real.

A garage water mat has been specifically manufactured to deal with gallons of liquid at any given time, a typical threat posed by excess rainwater. It’s made from super absorbent polypropylene and is even good at catching all melted snow and sleet, which can be an even bigger problem in the winter.

Consider a garage water mat as one of your biggest investments. Few of us have the luxury of standalone, self-contained storage areas, or we can afford an off-site storage facility. Your stored items will be damaged if you’re not careful, but by placing absorbent material on the floor underneath your vehicles, you’ll be ahead of the game.

As the storm season approaches, understand that from time to time you must make purchases as an investment for the future. Classify a garage water mat as such an investment, and if you have more than one vehicle, be sure to purchase the appropriate quantity. This will help you avoid unnecessary and unwanted costs down the road and the heartache of losing some precious memories.


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