Factors behind motivation to exercise and diet

Hey you !!! Get down and give me 20! 1 … 2 …. 3 … 4 …. COME BOY !!!!! Mom won’t help you do this !! I can smell the fat, fat BOY sizzling !!! Damn it … I AM EXCITED !! Oddly enough, some people like this type of treatment when it comes to exercising. We are all different and depending on what gets you going, I would say it will also be the key to reaching your goal or falling like a fly in the process.

The nuts and bolts

There are basically two categories of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation means internal motivational factors that drive you to be successful. On the contrary, extrinsic motivation includes all the external elements that push you to be successful. We all have both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators when it comes to doing something, but one of them is 5 times more likely to help you reach your goal. Can you guess what it is? You have a 50-50 chance. If you said intrinsic motivation, you would be correct. Now give yourself a gold star and a quick slap in the face for even having to ponder that question. If you had trouble with that, that often means that the external elements in your life determine what you do, which is why you had a hard time recalling intrinsically motivated memories that pushed you to be successful in areas of your life. Well, my friend, we have to change this.
Who are the winners?

Most successful athletes, movie stars, CEOs, and business owners are intrinsically motivated to succeed. This means that their drive comes from within and is not totally influenced by the external circumstances of their lives. This is why these people are so persistent with their goals because they don’t allow outside factors to fuel them, but instead use personal beliefs and philosophies to energize them in the long run. This also contributes to the fact that no matter what external elements change in their lives, they continue because external circumstances do not prompt them to start. On the contrary, if your drive comes from external factors (social approval, prize, competition, money, etc.), once these components are often gone, so does your energy and desire to achieve your goals. In essence, intrinsic motivation is like nuclear fuel, while extrinsic motivation is more similar to hot air. At this point, you might remember my home page talking about the reasons most people exercise and diet: more SEX, energy, vitality, positive attitude, and confidence. As you can see, most people are driven to exercise and diet for the wrong reasons and this is why most people ultimately fail in their exercise and nutrition goals. Once they gain more sex, energy, and confidence, they suddenly lose the momentum that was driving them in the first place. This is bad, bad, bad, bad.

The difference

I’m sure you’ve noticed that some people are able to maintain their exercise and diet goals, while others consistently fail. Why is this? Mainly because these people have discovered a host of other benefits that come with persistent exercise and diet (intrinsic motivation), so they can stick with the program long-term. Also, they have been exercising and dieting for over 6 months, which is usually the time it takes to embrace something new in their life and make it a permanent component. After 6 months, exercise and diet are no longer household chores or additional daily tasks, but are simply a part of the day, such as eating or sleeping.

How to achieve intrinsic motivation?

First of all, you have to be a little selfish and believe that you are personally worth more than sex, partners, money, social approval and / or more than worthy of VIP after parties at the playboy mansion, like my ex bride. Of course, easier said than done, but wait. Here is a comprehensive list of the direct and indirect benefits of diet and exercise. Don’t copy my list, instead take some time and make a list that is true for you. Its perspective is unique, making it the only vision capable of taking you exactly where you need it most.

Example list: (I = intrinsic) (E = extrinsic)

1.) More respect (I) -> more job opportunities (E) —> higher salary (E) —-> bigger house (E)

2.) Healthy heart (I) —> live longer (I) -> cardiovascular endurance (I) -> better sex life (I / E)

3.) Less fat (I / E) -> easier to move (E) —> more energy to do things (I) —-> I want to live and experience more (I)

4.) Positive disposition (I) -> I like to try more things (I) -> learn more things (I) -> grow mentally and spiritually (I)

5.) I like your appearance better (E) -> positive attitude / better mood (E) -> more confidence (I) -> the world is your playground (I)

After making this list, you need to do a little analysis. Separate the elements that appear to drive you externally from the elements that drive you intrinsically. When you come up with these two separate lists, you need to go a step further and ask yourself why these intrinsic motivators are so important to your life. If you make a well-defined list, you will begin to see that everything you listed is vital for your intellectual, spiritual and physical growth as a human being. Without fully developing these intrinsic factors, you stop living and instead opt for a life of mediocrity and passivity. You basically have two options in life: you can have a dream / goal for yourself and everyone else, or you can be a pawn piece in someone else’s dream / goal. If you take the latter, you give up your freedom, birthright, and human potential. If you go for the former, yes, it is scarier and more difficult to make your own way, but it is the only way to achieve true success and grow to your full potential. Even if you fail a few times along the way, everything you learn can be used to make you stronger and smarter for the next time. Once again, perseverance is key. At this point, you may think that I am likely to drift into a discussion of religion and God, but luckily for you, I don’t have enough memory on my computer to write that book. I’d like to end by giving you some last things to think about. Extrinsic motivation will only work for a few weeks or months at best until it fails you. Instead, you must draw on your powers of intuition, emotion, philosophy, and belief to conjure up the fuel for a lifetime of exercise and a healthy diet. Indirectly, you will be empowering yourself for a change that will propel you to new planes of existence. Yes, I know it’s deep …

Vital game plan

So, here’s the deal-eo. I want you to set 10 goals for your exercise and diet routines. 4 can be extrinsic, but the others must be intrinsic and well-defined motivators. Using the intrinsic motivators you need to brainstorm and see how these benefits / goals will bring a better person in spirit, mind and body. Next, I want you to find an old shoe box. You will use this box to place your goals and images inside. I can hear the moans and the moans begin. To that I just have to say ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡SIT UP AND SHUT UP !!!!! Now go online or find a magazine and cut / print images of 2 different types of role models. One needs to have the body of your dreams and the other needs to have spiritual and intellectual aspects that you admire. After having these, every day I want you to add something to that chart that intrinsically motivates you to achieve these results. Just cut it out of a magazine, print it from the internet, or handwrite the idea very slowly on a piece of paper. After creating this list and your stylish motivational treasure chest, you should review the contents twice a day (morning and evening), and each time you are not meeting your exercise and diet goals. Remind yourself of the life you can have, as opposed to the life you will sadly acquire if you don’t get your ASS IN GO! Personally, to remind myself where I don’t want to end up, I cut out a photo of a homeless man and his dog wasting away in an alley drinking a bottle of Jack. This seems to do it for me. This strategy over time will help you create a mental image of your future self. In other words, a GOAL !! If you follow the rules of the game, you will be amazed at what all these efforts can do to your level of motivation. I have designed deep psychological principles in this strategy that naturally enhance human motivation. I can do this because in addition to studying exercise physiology, sports psychology, nutrition, and all the social sciences you can dare to, I am also a specialist in psychology and an advocate of behaviorism and cognitive psychology. Yes it’s correct. BF Skinner and Albert Bandura are my home boys. Wazz up now ?; ) Best of luck!

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