Dish Network vs DirecTV – A Review

Dish Network and DirecTV now provide satellite TV service to more than 28 million households in all 50 US states, and that number is increasing every day, while cable TV service is declining. This happens because Dish Network and DirecTV provide more entertainment at a lower price. Simply put, Dish Network and DirecTV give you quite a bit “more for your money.”

How can they do this? Dish Network and DirecTV can do this because cable companies have been listed directly off the market, as suggested by Dish Network ads urging you to “stop feeding the cable hog.” Cable rates, which are higher than Dish Network and DirecTV to begin with, have increased by more than 40% since 1998, while satellite rates have increased only 8%.

Depending on where you live and which cable company serves your area, you’ll pay around $ 40 per month for basic cable service (around 64 channels), plus $ 10 per month for digital programming instead of analog. . You will also pay a monthly fee for each additional “box” you need to repair more than one television in your home. And finally, there will also be an installation charge.

When I finally saw the light and left cable for digital satellite TV, I was paying almost $ 70 a month for 64 channels of basic analog service for 3 TVs. I now pay Dish Network just $ 51 per month for more than 210 fully digital channels, including local and 60 SIRIUS radio channels. You could have gotten a similar service from DirecTV for roughly the same price.

With Dish Network or DirecTV, you receive free equipment and free professional installation for up to 4 rooms. This includes the satellite dishes needed to bring in the signal and receivers for each room that connect to your television.

With Dish Network, you can get a free double room DVR receiver that allows you to watch two separate TV shows in two separate rooms while recording each show separately. You can also get a free Dish TV HD receiver. With DirecTV, you receive free DVR and HD upgrades after use of a $ 100 mail-in rebate and commitment to a certain level of service.

So both Dish Network and DirecTV operate with the same basic business model. They give away the equipment and the facility so they can make money selling the programming packages, just like when Gillette used to give away the razor to sell the blades. The Dish Network and DirecTV equipment and installation are excellent and there is very little difference between them in terms of quality, reliability, and ease of service.

It is in the way they offer programming packages that Dish Network and DirecTV differ, and it is here that most of us develop a preference for one or the other provider, based on the characteristics that are most important to us.

Dish Network offers programming in a way that allows you to keep your costs as low as possible if you simply want to take advantage of the basic benefits that satellite brings you over cable. These benefits include 100% digital programming, better picture, many more channels, free dual room DVR receiver, free HD receiver, and an overall monthly cost that is typically slightly lower than cable.

DirecTV offers programming in a way that makes you pay more to get more than Dish Network. Your minimum package, for example, is for 155 channels, instead of 80 channels, so your cost of entry to satellite TV is higher with DirecTV than with Dish Network, but you get more. Many viewers feel that DirecTV offers more sports and special programming than Dish Network.

Due to the fact that the details of special offers from both providers are constantly changing, you should check the links at the end of this article for up-to-date information on Dish Network offers and DirecTV offers. You’ll be able to see exactly what channels you can get for a particular price, including local channels in your area, and learn more about your DVR and HD options if they’re important to you.

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