Cougar Woman Seeks Young Man

Many young men dream of dating a cougar woman. What I hope the following paragraphs will accomplish is help you turn those dreams into reality. I want to show you where to find cougar women seeking young men online and help you avoid looking in the wrong places.

the wrong place to look

Most young men looking for mature women online instinctively use the sites they are familiar with: Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc. This is a bad mistake. These are not dating sites. Older women join these sites not to hook up, but to upload movies and chat with friends and family.

The second most popular (and wrong) place for young people is a classified site like Craigslist. Mature women just don’t want to announce to the people in their town that they want to date younger men. Some of these women may be married. Others may be terribly ashamed of their liking for younger guys. You won’t find them posting personal ads on Craigslist. The only cougar ads you WILL find out there are created by unscrupulous internet marketers posing as older women.

The right place to look

So where do you look? Ladies like this prefer to search for young men in their area in a relatively anonymous way. They create profiles in large branded dating communities. These sites have so many members (in the millions) that these ladies can stay well hidden. This is perfect for you.

To find these cougar women seeking young men in your area, simply make a quick profile on any major dating site. They usually allow new members to join for free. Do a search for the preferred age of women in your zip code (over 40, over 50) and then just start sending friend requests. Soon you will have dozens of women looking at your profile. Those who accept your request will be cougars since they will be able to see that you are a young man.

And so, you have found a great source of cougar women readily available online.

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