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What your cat wants you to know

August 6, 2021

If your feline friend could speak your language, here are some things he probably would like you to know. 1) I am your boss. Get used to it. I decide when I want your company. I am not a dog who trusts you to make these decisions in our relationship. 2) I am a Phoenician….

Build Your Own Cat Tree: How To Choose The Right Mat For Your Cat Tree

August 5, 2021

If you have the idea of ​​building your own cat tree, but have never done it before, you may have a lot of questions. Many of those questions are likely to focus on what kinds of materials you should be using. This article will give you tips for selecting and purchasing the correct type of…

Pitbulls: Legitimate Dog Breed or Mixed Mixed Breed

August 4, 2021

I’ll go straight to that. Pit bulls are legit breed of dog, but they are known for their name of American Pit Bull Terrier. Anything else is not a Pit Bull nor should it be called Pit Bull. How did the whole “pit bull” thing come about? control? Good question, so here is my answer…

How can you tell if your dog has hip dysplasia?

August 3, 2021

Hip dysplasia can affect dogs of all ages. However, symptoms do not usually appear until the middle or last years of the dog’s life. The disease has been detected in puppies up to five months of age. Our Siberian husky was a very healthy puppy and did not develop the disease until he was 9…

15 things you should know before buying a Maine Coon kitten

August 2, 2021

The only way to be 100% sure of getting a verified purebred Maine Coon cat is by purchasing a pedigree kitten from a breeder. The breeder should be able to present a pedigree pedigree for their cat and provide the relevant certification. A recommended place to start your search for a reputable breeder in your…

Australian Shepherd – A Truly Versatile Dog Breed

August 1, 2021

The Australian Shepherd also known as Australian is a sheepdog. Australian dogs work as sheepdogs and cattle dogs and are preferred by many. American Shepherd is easy to train and they love to please their owners. The Australian Shepherd is an energetic dog and is also used in dog sports such as dog agility, fly…

Other people’s homes – Casa Rocca Piccola, Valleta, Malta

July 31, 2021

Yes, I raised my hands. I have admitted it. I have an insatiable appetite for searching other people’s homes. No. I am not a “peeper”. When I looked up the definition of “Peeping Tom” in my Concise Collins Dictionary and Thesaurus, I was told that Peeping Tom is a man who sneakily watches women undress….

Are Pit Bulls Really That Bad?

July 30, 2021

There are three breeds of dogs, the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which are called Pit Bulls. Animals that are produced by interbreeding these three breeds are also called Pit Bulls. In some regions, the American Bulldog is also called Pit Bull, but they have significant genetic…

Flower essences for growth and well-being

July 29, 2021

Walking through a colorful field of wildflowers, we are met with a burst of fragrance and a deep breath, trying to absorb the intoxicating and illusory perfume. Flowers awaken our senses. We associate flowers with weddings, funerals, parties and other important occasions. We profess our love with flowers. They give themselves to a sick friend…

Cut, wash and blow, with a happy ending to go

July 28, 2021

There are three types of women who make me feel vulnerable, which is either an unfortunate blessing or a lucky curse, because we are made for each other. Cutting my hair makes my hair stick to the ends so it won’t be easier for the hairdresser. My muscles get so tense during a massage that…