Caring for the inner caregiver: a caregiver’s perspective

I would like to share how I am taking care of myself, to take good care of myself as a caregiver. It’s important to take care of yourself, as we all know, to function at your best. And it is certainly doubly important when you also care about others. Today, almost everyone is taking on the task of caring for family members, whether it’s their elderly parents, who they don’t want in a nursing home, or the grandchildren they have to raise, or even their own children. .

Being a baby boomer myself, I didn’t think I’d still be taking care of anyone but myself at my age, but the universe had different plans for me.

I’ve always been a bit of a loner and after my youngest daughter went to college and got her own house, I’ve stayed that way and still live happily and somewhat in my own little world. In doing so, I have learned to relieve a lot of stress with simple techniques.

my perspective on things

In addition to sleeping well and eating organic and GMO-free foods, your mood is something we sometimes neglect to make sure it’s healthy too. I like reading Eckhart Tolle, “A New Earth” and “The Power Of Now” have helped me to be present and realize that I am not the voice in my head that speaks all the time. It helped me to understand myself better, so when I had a way of thinking that was not conducive, I could change my train of thought or perception, which helped me immensely in all kinds of situations that arose in life.

Being spiritual and vegan, being in nature for me is rejuvenating and grounding. Walking in the woods or simply in the garden on the grass and, when the weather allows it, barefoot! Just breathing in fresh air when you’ve been indoors will get your blood flowing and wake up your mind. We are lucky to have animals, our extended family that brings us joy and comfort many times a day. Between 7 cats and a dog, blood pressure rarely goes up in this house.

remembering good advice

When I was in my twenties and thirties, I used to feel bad when I spent a little money on myself, but over time I learned that sometimes you have to do nice things for yourself because you’re worth it. Good caregivers tend not to give themselves enough credit for everything they do. Taking care of another life and being responsible for its well-being is not easy, and if you are not in an optimal state of mind you could do more harm trying to help someone else. So being kind to myself is an important rule that I follow.

Talk kindly to yourself. I am the hardest on myself and sometimes I would talk bad to myself. But no more. I have sticky notes in random places around my house that remind me of how awesome I am. I always tell myself that I am a wonderful person who is full of love and compassion and that I am worthy of all the good things that come my way on a daily basis. Be your own cheerleader. My youngest daughter and I are close and I am lucky to have at least two close friends to talk to when I need to.

A friend of mine who also has an adult son with Down syndrome told me that we were chosen to be their parents before they were born. That makes us special in itself. I will never forget it and I will try every day to be the kind of person my daughter knew I would be. That’s why she chose me to be her mommy and her caretaker forever. She has taught me to move on when I don’t think she can go any further. She has shown me that I have a strength that she never knew she had. To give up is not an option. I wear that title as my badge. You caregivers do the same, you’re worth it too. I wish you all the love and happiness!

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