Animal rescue

While there has always been a need for people to care and love to respond to the needs of helpless and abandoned animals, of late economic downturns have exacerbated the problem to critical levels. Every day we see harrowing images of cats and dogs collected by county pounds. We hear heartfelt stories from people who were forced to give up their homes and can no longer care for their beloved pets due to expense. Fortunately, compassionate people respond to this need, but they need your support to continue their work.

Countless groups of volunteers are doing everything they can to make sure these homeless animals are rescued and not euthanized. You can find a rescue center near you that would appreciate your time and support. This volunteer service is especially attractive to high school students, who often need service credit to graduate. A rescue center offers an interactive program designed to teach young children appropriate pet lessons and experiences. All Ears Reading ® promotes a program in which “pets are the perfect reading companions because they are attentive, non-judgmental and comforting.” Many centers offer community outreach to educate people about the need for sterilization and vaccinations. The centers work with adult day care programs and assisted living facilities. Another program involving rescued pets helps high-risk adolescent women develop positive personal skills so they can become contributing members of society. Some offer obedience training. These are just some of the positive and supportive efforts of animal rescue centers. Remember also that cats and dogs need veterinary attention, grooming, feeding, and exercise.

Adults of all ages and professions find satisfaction working with rescue centers and caring for dogs and cats there. These animals seem to know that keepers are their last hope. Rescue centers keep animals away from euthanasia. They find foster homes and help match a potential owner with the right pet.

Not everyone has the time or the ability of the patient to carry out the day to day that these dogs and cats require. However, if you share a concern for the welfare of these animals, you can help with the financial support these centers need. Your donations will ensure that these programs continue.

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