An extreme supermoon and Uranus in Aries seem to be responsible for the earthquake in Japan

The world is holding its breath and praying for a miracle. Our hearts are wide open and we feel truly living in a global village. We feel powerless and under water emotionally. We are all one and connected within and of course we will be impacted by the fear and depression that is circulating on the planet. What can we do?

For now we can only keep our heads above water, take one step after another. We can help the Japanese people through our prayers and with money. Every dollar counts and Google has put a link on its home page to the Red Cross to make it easier for people.

I am deeply impressed by the Japanese nature of calm and self-discipline in dealing with the current situation. I think we can all learn from that; It is the best attitude to effectively deal with disasters.

What has happened astrologically?

What is a supermoon?

Right now, the Moon is in the Waxing Crescent phase and is heading for the Full Moon in Virgo on Saturday, March 19. It is the so-called extreme Super Moon or lunar perigrade because once every 18 years, the Moon will pass the closest in its path. the earth. We all know that the waxing and waning Moon influences the tides, so there could be a connection.

A similar situation with a Super Moon and earthquakes occurred in Indonesia. An article in Business Insider noted that “the last Super Moon occurred a few days after the 8.9 earthquake in Indonesia” in 2005.

Fortune-telling astrologers have been predicting that this extreme Super Moon could bring strong earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, storms and other disasters. I don’t believe in dwelling on all the potential catastrophes that can occur with a specific astrological constellation. Looking back it is always easy to say this and that is the reason for what happened.

I am more interested in using astrology in the personal field where I can help my clients prepare and have better options by applying the potential of astrology in their personal lives. And of course we are all impacted by these great constellations in a very personal way and we must deal with it as best we can. Awareness is the key!

Well-known astrologer Jeff Jawer, writing for, wrote: “This Super Moon occurs the day before the spring equinox when the Sun enters Aries on March 20th and joins electrifying Uranus there on the 21st, which is more than enough”. astrological noise to create all kinds of chaos. Discerning the different influence of this explosive astrological event and the so-called Super Moon will not be easy.”

Uranus entered Aries on Friday

When a slow outer planet changes signs, it is always noticeable, as we are dealing with a whole new set of principles and representations of it. Very close to the earthquake in Japan Uranus changed signs after staying in Pisces for 7 years. Uranus is known for sudden eruptions, changes, and sudden surprises. Aries is a fire sign and represents new beginnings. I could call this combination very volatile and challenging. We can see it unfold not only with the earthquake but also with the wave of revolution that ignites throughout the world.

Also the Sun will be entering Aries and the spring equinox is here; both symbolize the beginning of a new cycle of evolution.

Where does it leave us?

It leaves us with a feeling of vulnerability and helplessness; both emotions that are difficult to experience. Whenever we feel out of control, we can start doing something we can control to make ourselves feel better. This morning I was thinking about cleaning out my overflowing book closet that has been waiting for my attention for a long time. At least that’s something I can do. I ended up writing this article and I could still go into the closet…

It also leaves me with an open heart and a willingness to help and contribute to others in a more desperate situation. That is the right way to go and cooperation is the only way to do what is best for most people.

I am a member of the Community Emergency Response Team here on Maui. I’m always concerned about preparing people for disasters that sit at a tipping point like we do here. We are vulnerable to earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes, as well as volcanic eruptions. We were lucky that the Japanese tsunami did not do much damage to our island. In a disaster scenario there will be a time lag for any kind of official or international help to arrive. This is something you can prepare for.

What you can do

As I’ve said before, every household should have a minimum of a week’s worth of water and non-perishable food supplies, no matter where you live. The unexpected happens when we are just taught.

If you live in a hot spot, you should have an emergency bag ready with essentials in case you have to leave your house to go to a shelter. You should consider your water, food, medications you take, clothing, underwear, books, and games to help pass the time. Nowadays you’re allowed to bring your pets into shelters, but you need your cat or small dog in a crate or on a leash, of course. Plan for your meal too!

Keep your intention on a solution for the Japanese reactors, pray for divine intervention and support on all levels of the universe. Take a look at your life and don’t worry about the little things. Realize how hurt you are with family and friends – things that really matter.

I send you love and many blessings, Shakti.

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