5 steps to a slim and sexy body: muscle building tips for skinny women

What are the most effective muscle building tips for skinny women? Building muscle turns out to be a sweet spot for fitness buffs in order to get an attractive looking body. What about building muscle for women? If you have a skinny body, how can you make it more substantial by adding muscle?

There is bodybuilding for men and bodybuilding for women. However, women build muscle more slowly and on a smaller scale than men. But this does not mean that it is more difficult for the fair sex to build muscles. Gaining muscles is not a difficult task for women at all. A slim woman can appear stronger and more athletic if she gains muscle. This can be achieved through a combination of weight lifting and proper nutrition. Here are 5 steps of muscle building tips for skinny women.

  • Step 1 – Plan for a weekly weight training program. Are you a newbie to weightlifting? Start by exercising 2 times a week. Otherwise, if you already have extensive weight training experience, you can implement a training session 3-4 times a week. As you get stronger, your body will adapt to the exercises. Add more exercises to your program. You can then develop a weight lifting program 4 to 6 days a week.
  • Step 2 – Make sure your workouts target specific muscle groups. At the end of your weekly routine, your shoulders, back, chest, stomach, biceps, triceps, hamstrings, quads, and calves should have been trained accordingly. In your exercises, be sure to focus on 1 to 4 muscles in your body. On a training day, for example, you might do a combination of chest, back, and leg exercises. In another training session, you can target your upper body and lower body on a different training day.
  • Step 3 – Build more muscles by lifting heavy weights with low reps. With this routine, you will be able to perform your repetitions easily, which in turn will increase your resistance. New muscle tissues are not developed. Lift weights that are heavy enough for you to finish a set of 6-8 reps. Eight to ten full exercises would suffice for each of your sessions.
  • Step 4 – Allow time for muscle recovery. Take a 2-3 minute break in between each set of your workouts. Alternate your routine. Train the same muscle groups after 48 hours. You should incorporate recovery days into your routine where muscle repairs are performed until your muscles start to grow.
  • step 5 – Comply with the proper diet and nutrition for muscle development. Nutrient-dense foods are particularly ideal for building muscle mass. The foods you eat should be high in vitamins, but low in calories, fat, and sugar. Protein-rich foods to include in your diet include fruits and vegetables, low-fat, high-calcium foods, whole grains, and protein. Lean proteins from turkey, skinless chicken, whey, fish, and soy are other valuable food sources for building muscle.

These are easy yet effective steps for building muscle for skinny women.

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